Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Word That Changed The World

There was a word
That children invented
They didn’t quite realize
The magnitude
Of what they had created

The word became a feeling
And that feeling spread
All across the world
Through the minds and hearts
Of children

You may have heard this word
It involves hula hoops
And hopscotch
Little girls with dolls
Playing house

Toy soldiers strewn across a bed
And pretending to be a cat
Or a dog
Even a cheetah
With the spots
And makeup
To prove it

This word is oft forgotten
When children grow
To being adults
With the serious things
And stresses
That adults worry about

Being grown up isn’t quite the same
Without that one word
That makes children’s eyes glow
Grown ups who forget
How to be children
Often forget this one

And the word is