Thursday, September 29, 2011


Prayer is a heartbeat, a learning, and trust
If we take the time to give God a chance
By faith the Spirit speaks-listen we must
We will hear our answers, we must advance

Scriptures can teach us truth in all the world
In the scriptures our answers will be found
Instead of dying in a sea so twirled
We can grasp the truth and be saved, not drowned

God will give us every chance to repent
Merciful if we turn to him in prayer
When we trust in God and his angels sent
God will help to guide us through our every care

God and angels wanting us to only win
In this mighty battle against our sin

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 7

God commands that they go back
This command was met without slack
For Ishmael's family, for new wives
This great blessing changed their lives

At their return they all were wed
In the wilderness, they tread
Having wives wasn't enough for them
Laman and Lemuel want Jerusalem

Nephi grieved that his brothers fought
They were blind, even when angels taught
God had given them a chance
Every time they turn from God's advance

Faith will bring the Spirit's voice
He has led and saved us, rejoice!
Nephi's brothers tied his hands
So Nephi prayed, "God help me break these bands!"

Ishmael's daughters plead with them
Brothers sorrow, forgiveness did stem
Nephi told them to repent
They thank God in their father's tent

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 6

Lehi’s family from that line
Of one Joseph of colors fine
Joseph sold in slavery
Son of Jacob and bravery

Precious things to write in gold
Nephi wrote and God controlled
Inspiration leads the way
Nephi knows what God does say

Simply said the plates are made
For mankind to teach and persuade
Tell the people who is God
Learning of the Iron Rod

All the things which Nephi wrote
Giv’n by God that we may quote
These are truths, which we must know
We must know which way to go

1 Nephi Chapter 5

A visionary man said she
As she worried for her sons
Mourning, murmuring, a plea
God to blame it seemed to be

Lehi comforted his wife
Promising that God would lead
The sons return did answer need
They had finished a Godly deed

Lehi sacrifices to the Lord
The plates of brass with blessings stored
And a heritage of man
All their faith was then restored

Lehi with the Spirit speaks
That the plates would go to all
Every nation, great or tall
Every tongue will read of Paul

God did promise of his plates
Forever, always kept in store
For the people forevermore
Faith we would obtain, explore

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pain of Lost Love

Every moment that I can’t stop thinking
Time keeps moving and simply forges on
When I dive into my dreams believing
I regret when I awake, my dream is gone

When my sorrows seem to be non-ending
I must learn to look at my life anew
Facing the truth will teach me pretending
As I must present a mask, no tears in view

Caring for another gives me sorrow
I am wracked with the pain of losing love
Salty tears mark the path to tomorrow
Hoping for my dreams return from above

As I learn the complex pain of caring
I will hope for a lack of despairing

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Poem's Poetry

Poetry will make me fly on angel wings of peace
Giving me the strength to try a different kind of piece
When I read another work I find a newer place
Broadening my simple view to see all time and space

Some confusion lends me work to figure out in rhyme
When I feel that sense of need I feel that I have time
Looking out upon the world and something stops my eye
When I see a simple rock or bird is flying by

If an image seems to be more than what it is
I must look and think a lot of why it makes me quiz
When a poem wants to start, I must find the beat
If the poem wants to be, I must make it sweet

Starting with a whisper, then a single word
When the poem lives, I will know I'm heard
People live like poems, changing to be great
Once a little thing grows to have much weight

Poems much like people are complex to a t
Sometimes simple poems wish to only be
With the proper words the message will be born
Growing, understanding, till we all are worn

My Top Ten Poems according to Anna Nicole Leiter

1 Poetry Is

2 Hands

3 Daughter of a King

4 If God had a Facebook

5 Winds of Change

6 Empty Pages

7 More Than Just A Box

8 Labels

9 Dancing in the Snow

10 Fred the Sign\

DISCLAIMER: There are many great poems in my collection, these are merely the top ten chosen by Anna Nicole Leiter, chosen for various reasons, and she encourages anyone to read the rest of my poems to decide if you agree with her opinion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Poem About Poetry

I find poems give a soothing kind of peace
When I am confused, or when I need release
Reading others work helps me learn with mine
Often I will seek another type of line

What I hope to gain is broad, never dense
Simply I would like my poems to make sense
Still the odd word will interrupt my rhyme
Somehow it is soothing, knowing I have time

When a poem starts, I start with what it is
What has made me think, or what has made me quiz
Things that are uncertain, what has made me sad
When I think to write, always I am glad

People are like poems, complex to a t
As with people sometimes, poems wish to be
First the thought preparing, then a single word
Sometimes with a whisper, it alone is heard

Monday, September 19, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 4

Nephi trusted God would lead
With this faith he did proceed
He was led to Laban's side
Nephi knew he must decide

Yet the Spirit bade him think
For without the plates, the link,
Precious teachings never taught
He must find what he has sought

He must slay this wicked man
He could stop the Gospel plan
There are laws which they must know
Nephi worked to make it so

Nephi dressed as Laban had
Then he found the scribe, a lad
He sent Zoram for the plates
They walked out, right through the gates

Nephi's brothers ran in fright
Then they heard his voice outright
Zoram ran and he was stopped
Giv'n the choice, he did adopt

1 Nephi Chapter 3

Lehi had a new command
That his sons go back, a band.
To Jerusalem for more
There the records kept in store

Nephi knew with God he could
Laman, Lemuel doubt he should
Righteous hands should hold the plates
Not the ones behind the gates

Nephi's faith did guide the way
When they fail, then he would pray
Nephi would not let down God
He was beaten with a rod

Angels came to stop the fight
Counseling it could be right
God had seen them try and fail
With God's help they would avail

1 Nephi Chapter 2

Lehi slept and had a dream
God commands-no glitter gleam
Take your family far away
It is not safe for you to stay

Pack your life, provisions, all
Jerusalem will surely fall
Older brothers do not care
For, to them, God is not there

Lehi taught with God's own voice
Laman and Lemuel had no choice
Murmurs stopped, the witness there
Nephi knelt in mighty prayer

God did bless him with his might
Nephi chose to choose the right
Though his brothers went astray
Nephi knew God was the way

1 Nephi Chapter 1

Nephi's parents taught him well
Faith and love-his heart to swell
Lehi followed God's command
He was chosen as God's hand

Lehi warned the people fast
But his happiness won't last
None believed his words as true
Though the Lord told him to do

Nephi knew his father right
So he followed father's light
Though the people spoke and scorned
Lehi's fam'ly left, and mourned

God shows mercies to his all
Lehi knew he would not fall
As he trusted in the Lord
Lehi's family gained reward

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Facing Our Fears

Shadows all around us
Creeping in the night
Herding us together
Strings attached-our fright

Cold wind blows-we shiver
Fearing the tug of one
Shadows of the moment
They have stopped the sun

Still we huddle closer
As the shadows feast
Warmer, wishing warmer
As we fear the beast

When the shadows find you
For they will, my dear
The best thing you should learn
Is how to face your fear

Disaster Strikes

When a flood will tend to strike
Or tornado sweeps the land
Earthquake shatters perfect life
Avalanche of crystal snow

Famine of our precious food
Fire burns, leaving none

When a thing of great import
Happens to our perfect life
Or when people hurt each other
It is news we all must know

So we may feel sorrier
Death that sweeps our very land

What about the single ones?
Not the people vast in number
Families which lose their home
People hurt are oft ignored

Look at those who need the help
Those around your own life

Don't just help because of news
Help because you wish to care
Living life affects us all
Give it to the ones who need

People need much more you know
In an age of so much pain

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

God v. Satan

God is part of every word
Down to language at it's base
Every thought that we have heard
God and Satan face to face

Learning comes from hand of God
Satan pushes all our fear
We are taught to hold the rod
Though contention feels too near

Every subject taught with love
Is opposed by Satan's wrath
Knowledge brings me heav'n above
Hate and hurt-I need a bath

When I study, faith and prayer
I have courage and God's might
When I worry, stress is there
I have sunk to Satan's sight

Common things of every day
Bring me up and bring me down
Learn to listen, learn to pray
Or be sadder than a frown