Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unconditional Love

Who is right for one to love?
Choosing people that we know
Just a little knowledge here
Still we love and care for them

Dearest friends of different time
People met just once but yet
Close we hold them to our hearts
For their action and their joy

Like the twinkle of a star
People found in life will shine
We may find we love them all
Though we don't know who they are

Just for shining for a day
Joy to give and laughs for all
Kind advice and cheerful words
Lit up smile to brighten you

There are people all around
Who we love for what they do
Just one day made better, good
And love pours out just like a flood

Appreciate them, who they are
Angels each with every right
Just because you don't know all
Doesn't mean you shouldn't love

Background Story:
There are a couple of class clowns that everyone knows at my school. Every school has them, they are almost a neccessity. It could be argued that class clowns are a neccessity. Their silly natures make life that much easier. I was thinking about a pair of class clowns, and I just thought, wow, I love those guys. Then I thought, wow I'm saying I love a pair of guys that I don't really know. Since the train of thought had started, I decided to continue on the track and see where it led me. I came to the conclusion that there are some people you just have to love in life. Love them for being themselves, and making your day brighter.


Bearing another's burdens
Helping another's cares
Service no one sees
No one knows what's theirs

Burdens spread to all
Hand outstretched to you
No one lets you fall
You know the friendship's true

Every single day
Teamwork reigns supreme
Learning all the way
Trust becomes the theme

Who once had been a stranger
Has now become a friend
With them no fear of danger
We're there beyond the end

Background Story:
As a youth leader in my girl's camp, I went on a very long hike with the Fourth year campers. We were all traveling to our campsite, going on a non existent trail. We just kept going, and the hike seemed to last forever. Yet, as we were crossing the stream, getting up hills, scrabbling down hills, it soon became apparent that this hike was having an effect on the girls. We all began to follow the example of my fellow youth leader, Monica. She was helping people across the stream, keeping tree branches lifted so we didn't have to, and waiting at the hilly points to give a helping hand. She was a great example to me of unneccessary service. Yet, as I saw her doing these little charitable acts, I felt stronger. I felt like I could get through this tiring hike, and help too. So I did. I helped people across the stream too. I waited to make sure everyone was safe at the hills. I carried other people's things. I helped too. Soon, everyone was doing something for someone else, and it was purely inspiring to see my girls working together.

Loud Music

Turning on a song
On the radio
Make it even louder
Loud as it will go

Keep the music playing
So I cannot hear
All the things I'm thinking
Blast it in my ear

Drown away my thoughts
Wipe away my tears
My eyes are flooding over
Using up my fears

Everything is wrong
My heart is torn in two
I need to patch me up
Or all will see right through

I want to keep on fighting
For nothing is alright
Help me understand
Let me see a light

I thought it all meant something
I guess that I was wrong
But still I'll try to help
A friend for far too long

Background Story:
I was really upset over a guy, and I couldn't stop thinking-what did I do wrong? This question kept running through my head, and it was so upsetting to me. I didn't want to think about him anymore. I was upset at myself for thinking about something I didn't want to think about. I turned to my mp3 player, and turned the music up as loud as it would go. I just didn't want to think. I'm not the kind of person to normally be blasting music as loud as it would play, but here I was, doing just that. After having realized what I was doing, I started to think again, but about what I was doing. It made so much more sense to me, after looking back at this experience, as to why teenagers are known for blasting music in their rooms and ignoring their parents. Such is the steryotype presented of all teenagers. However, I felt like blasting music in my room, and ignoring any unlucky trespasser, so I could now relate.

Truly Seeing

Sometimes better seems to be
Outside looking in at me
Walk another person's life
See the hurt and see the strife

Somehow still impossible
Without choice, choose somehow
Though we can't see who we are
Someday soon we won't be far

Yet I wish that I could fly
Soaring high to touch the sky
To escape this world of now
Find another way somehow

Understanding comes to few
Though there's much for all to view
We must try at least for now
Learning stays with us somehow

Even after darkest night
We may turn to look for light
Sunrise shining, life is new!
We'll look back and see we grew

Even when we do not see
Views of others as they be
We can stand for who we are
Daughters, sons, beloved, ours

Background Story:
I started writing this poem on my phone, and left it there for about a year. It had no real ending, it didn't make sense the way it was written, and I didn't have the faintest idea what to do with it. However, one night I got off the phone with a friend, and just looked back at it. I read through what I had written, and it just seemed right to press on right then and there. The words seemed right the way they were written, as I started editing and writing on. I felt like there was so much potential to this poem after it was done. I don't know where to change it now, but I love that I was able to fix this into a complete poem.


Why don't people want to share
All their thoughts all clean and bare?
What they think of just one thing
When their thoughts could changes bring?

Why can't people share a thought?
It could be forever sought
Just opinion of one?
Single person, knowing none

We should share the things we think
Honesty might cause a blink
Different as it seems to be
We should share the things we see

Don't go talk behind a back
They'll find out and won't give slack
When they see or hear you say
Something mean-bad in a way

Gossip spreads like wildfire
Maybe we can stop the ire
If we speak our minds out loud
Just be brave among the crowd

Background Story:
Gossip is just one of those things that bothers me. It is something that I have found myself a participant of, and I always find myself regretting talking about someone without their knowledge. Often, I find myself telling that person, "Hey I was talking about you. Just so you know." and it becomes all good. It becomes funny, not hurtful, or spiteful. I feel more honest when I talk to people to their face, or tell them later that I said something about them, if I have found myself talking about them. Honesty is important to me.