Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unconditional Love

Who is right for one to love?
Choosing people that we know
Just a little knowledge here
Still we love and care for them

Dearest friends of different time
People met just once but yet
Close we hold them to our hearts
For their action and their joy

Like the twinkle of a star
People found in life will shine
We may find we love them all
Though we don't know who they are

Just for shining for a day
Joy to give and laughs for all
Kind advice and cheerful words
Lit up smile to brighten you

There are people all around
Who we love for what they do
Just one day made better, good
And love pours out just like a flood

Appreciate them, who they are
Angels each with every right
Just because you don't know all
Doesn't mean you shouldn't love

Background Story:
There are a couple of class clowns that everyone knows at my school. Every school has them, they are almost a neccessity. It could be argued that class clowns are a neccessity. Their silly natures make life that much easier. I was thinking about a pair of class clowns, and I just thought, wow, I love those guys. Then I thought, wow I'm saying I love a pair of guys that I don't really know. Since the train of thought had started, I decided to continue on the track and see where it led me. I came to the conclusion that there are some people you just have to love in life. Love them for being themselves, and making your day brighter.

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