Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fred the Talking Sign

As I watch my friends with film
They dared me to do a silly thing
To go to a sign, to pick any one
Start talking and going like it was alive

I looked and I found a solitary sign
Red on the front, spray-painted over
I went with the rules, I knocked and I talked
I thought it was silly but I wanted friends

I started with questions, then said my own name
Gesturing madly to make up for the lack
Then a male voice said deep out of nowhere
Hi! My name is Fred.

I jumped and I screamed, to hear such a thing
I looked at my friends to see who it was
But they were all gone I guess they were scared
Who could it have been that had spoken to me?

The deep voice continued, it pleaded I stay
I looked for the person who had spoken to me
No one appeared, until then I saw
The spray-paint before was really a face!

I was so shocked I had not a word
But the sign said that he was a friend
He claimed to be lonely without any soul
No one around would talk so to him.

Warily sitting, I thought and I smiled
Maybe this could be fun if I try
I started to speak and I learned who Fred was
We soon were friends like the sign said

When I remembered that he was a sign
I stopped and thought of what I should do
No one believes in talking stop signs
Still I would like to keep being friends

I’ll return to my friend and open my mind
No matter what others may think of me
I’ll sit on the road and talk to my Fred
I have a friend to keep for awhile

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trouble At Christmastime

It's supposed to be Christmastime!
But Christmas spirit has gone away
I wish it could have been with me
I wish it would actually stay

But people around me make it go
When I want love in my heart
They bite and gnash their teeth at me
They want me to be set apart

But Christmas spirit! Christmas spirit!
I wish you would not go
Please stay with me and ease my heart
Though troubles hurt me so

Such a fragile life I live in now
Balanced on thin glass
Oh wouldn't you oh Christmas spirit
Help this from me to pass?

While I hurt and while I weep
In this time of year
Oh Christmas spirit please remind me
My Savior is always near

So while my life feels wrong and dim
Please help me to see you still
I know that you will confort me
My heart you'll surely fill

True Friend

I hear a lot from friends of mine
That true friends are hard to find
That true friends are those
Who will come when you call,
When you're needing a sign
A sign that they are there for you
They'll come when called, they are true
These are they who come even when
You do not call, but still they can see you fend
You fend off those who try to attack you
Those devils small, but many, true
So who is your friend and who is not?
You'll find out when your trial is wrought
You will know, for they will catch you
When you fall, they're there too
To catch you, help you in this your time of need
They always will, that's who they are indeed

Holiday Fling

Of Christmas we hear, of Christmas we sing
Every year, it's the holiday fling
We sing and we dance, we give all away
Just this time of year, everyone will pray

But why only now do we have love in our hearts?
Shouldn't we year round have a care for those parts
Where life isn't good, where it is poor and down
But no, not at all, only for Christmas we won't frown

We give and we laugh in that holiday way
Just this once, we want others to say
That we are the good, the merciful and kind
But is it really so if it is only at this time?

Giving spirit which does come to us at the end of each year
We remember all of those who live in such great fear
Those who are hungry, who live in complete need
We remember them only at this time of good deeds

Oh how I wish it wasn't always this way
People should remember to always ever pray
We should always give to those who are in need
Shouldn't we always be doing these good deeds?

Crazy World of Today

Everyone is crazy
In the world of today
No one is normal
At least so they say

When will this mess
Ever become right?
Everyone is selfish
Always in a fight

Caring about no one
No one except themself
So how do we change it?
We are not as elves

In Christmas season
People sometimes change
But at every other time
Their ways are set and made

Won’t people ever listen?
Won’t people ever care?
When all the world is hurting
There is no one with a prayer

A prayer of hope a prayer of love
Its what should be in our hearts
But all for naught it is not so
There is none in all these parts

So love we want, love we give
Not in today’s society
So we hope for love to bring
Just a single one to thee

Let us try to somehow give
Peace and love on earth
It should be here, but while it isn’t
We will try to show our worth


What is this burning
Deep within my soul
I've felt it once
It's stronger than before

It's strongest now
It's burning free
What is this feeling?
What does it mean to me?

This feeling is sharpened
Intense, so fine
Hard to imagine
That this heart is mine

What has happened
To the girl I was?
She was someone special
Now she's brighter than the sun

What is happening
Deep within my soul
My heart is ready
To reach for it's goal

What is this feeling?
What does it mean to me?
It is so different
Why is my heart so free?

My heart is ready
It's pulsing fast
Ready for what?
You could ask

Someone special
He waits for you
For you to be ready
For you to be true

Is this what your heart
Is ready for now?
You don't know it
But you have found

That life is waiting
For that moment sweet
For you to be ready
For you two to meet

And when that meeting
Suddenly occurs
He is your one
Your heart is stirred

You will listen
So intently
For his heart's reaction
Is it steady or free?

His heart won't still
It's waited for you
And now that you're here
There's time to kill

His heart is full
And yours is too
You know he has
Waited to fill

His heart and mind
They match to you
Your heart is full
No time to kill

You look into his eyes...
And you know...
There's love in his eyes
There's love in his heart

Yours is the same...
Love overflows
Your heart and soul...
Your hearts are full...

Forever Held In Your Arms

The first time you caught me
It was with a dance
You were dancing
All alone

Then I was caught again
As I saw your smile
You danced with me
Caught my heart

Then we danced again
Till the night was gone
And my family came
To take me along

I couldnt forget you
This guy I had met
I'd seen, danced with
I'll never forget

That one night
That first dance
How fun, how grand
You spun me
And held me
I was caught in your arms
Forever held in your arms...

I went home that night
And hoped that this miracle
Would not end,
And I'd see you again

I was caught oh so easily
And I couldn't wait for more
You meant so very much to me
All from the start

I was caught oh so easily
And I couldn't wait for more
You meant so very much to me
All from the start

You danced with me
Just for one night
But that one night
Swept me off my feet

You swept me off my feet

So quiet, so thoughtful
Always ready and kind
I'm lucky, so blessed
That this is the guy I find

That one night
That first dance
How fun, how grand
You spun me
And held me
I was caught in your arms
Forever held in your arms...

Many Sides of Me

I see the world before me
And I wonder-do they see me?
Does anyone see all the pieces
All the pieces that make up me?

I watch the everyday workings
The ways of everyday life
I follow my own path
That is the same for every time

I walk slowly or quickly
Depending on the day
Sometimes I’m happy and cheerful
Sometimes sadness comes my way

I listen close for every word
I ignore the hateful sound
Every day a new day it seems
Every day a new life to be found

The people who see me, do they see me?
Do they see who I really am?
No one knows, not even I know
Who the true me is. Who can?

I search through mind and memory
To see if I can find me
Is it possible that in my eyes you see
A reflection of yourself to see?

No, it isn’t possible, that such as I
Could ever hope to be
Similar to anyone
In any day or mind you may see

Some days I’m a dork and a klutz
But others might not even know
They have only seen me calm and efficient
Confident as others pass or go

Other people know me as silly and blonde
No common sense to be found
While some few know that I am not-
I am smart inside and out

Poetic, descriptive, great with words
This is what some say
But I disagree-that’s not me
I’m still silly if I may

I flit around from subject to subject
Random as the stars
When you try to talk to me
I’m in outer space or on pause

Sometimes I love, truly love
Everyone in the world
Other days I hate them all
They hurt so much-I’m curled

Curled up in a ball, hiding away
Hoping nobody notices
No one will care, it’s not like I’m there
Even when I’m going to this

This extreme, this wonder, this everything
Can’t you see my eyes wide?
For I am gone, to another idea
A place where it doesn’t hurt inside

I’m gone away, most of the day
Someone may someday know
Do you? Or you? Or you or you?
To you have I really shown?

So who is me? Truly me?
No one truly knows
For there are many sides of me
Just waiting to someday be shown

I still don’t know all of me
There is so much of me to explore
So if you can tell me who is me
I’m grateful for what you’ve given and more

I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales

I don’t believe in fairy tales
They just don’t
Come true for me

I’ve never believed in fairy tales
Or that wishes come true
They haven’t ever
Never ever
Come true for me

I wish I believed in fairy tales
With princes and dreams
That really do come true

I can’t believe in fairy tales
If I did
Where is that prince of my dreams?

That Handsome prince
On a shining white horse
Dressed in shining armor
Like they always say

But I have to face life
And bitter reality
I have to know
That it’s only a dream

You can see why I don’t believe in fairy tales
Where everything
Is happy-ever after

I wish I still believed
That there’s some prince
Waiting for me

Though I know….
There isn’t one there.

So now
I still wish I believed in those fairy tales
With hope shining through dark night
But now
I know there isn’t fairy tales
It’s just a dream
A dream for such as me
Who wishes and hopes
While trying not to believe…

Scared of Cars

It's a replay inside my mind
Whenever I sit down to drive
Or even just sit in a car
It doesn't matter who you are

Who is driving, where we're going
It doesn't change, the replay not slowing
No matter who or where we are
We are still inside this car

Every curve or turn we make
I'm afraid to hit a snowbank
Just a little off the road
I'm tense and worried, for it has snowed

Snow and slush, such deadly things
Catch your car, pull it into the wings
Who will know what you could hit?
So easy to fall into this pit

Scared and nervous, wherever I go
If it's in a car, I wanna go slow
Don't put me behind the wheel
I am so nervous, I'd jump and squeal

Especially when I see a tree
It brings back every memory
I want to cry, I'm scared so bad
Just being in a car-isn't it sad?

The screams, the shouts, thoughts in my mind
I'm pleading, hoping that we don't die
Oh please oh please just let us stop
I'm feeling faint, ready to drop

Pain erupts, my chest, it hurts
I try not to cry but it doesn't work
I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused
I wish that life had some kind of pause

Everyone is worried-"are you okay?"
Obviously not, and it's back on replay
Tears do form, and I'm crying free
Won't that scene just let me be?

Every day hurting, always something new
My chest, side and my back-all hurting, it's true
Time goes by, but it all is still fresh
Weeks go by, but it all seems to mesh

It's been a month now since it all happened
Yet everything still hurts, though all of life does beckon
Emotionally and physically, pain to my core
I wish it didn't hurt, for I am very sore...

The Perfect Guy

He is sweet, kind and gentle
Loving always, and sentimental
Listening to everything you say
In that simple special way
He waits and listens when you cry
He will comfort and wipe your eyes
He listens close for your every word
And because of this you know he’s heard
He knows how to laugh and when it’s not right
He holds you close in day or night
When you are in need you know he is there
All your burdens he will try to bear
Doing everything you want to do
He knows how to make you happy too
Unselfish with all his life
He will help you at any time
No matter what he wants to help you
Just because it’s what he wants to do.
Love ever exists in his heart
Such a love we all want a part
So I am glad he is with me
He is my true love I now have seen

Where Is The Christmas Spirit?

Where is the Christmas spirit?
Wherever has it gone?
It should be there with each and every one
It should be here at home

Where is the Christmas spirit?
It is not in that awful place
Where people backstab and riot
They drive it from this place

Where is the Christmas spirit?
Can't we find it in our homes?
But people are yelling and shouting
No Christmas spirit in their tone

We must have Christmas spirit!
Will it be banned from every school?
To become "holiday spirit"
For the "politically correctness" pool?


Blowing, swirling, whirling fast
White and light it soon may pass
But while it is here, let us enjoy
The brightness of flurries, sing out "Oh joy!"
Floating not falling through the air
Their dance is beautiful-I stop and stare
I watch in wonder, awe and glory
To see this snow fall so slowly
As it settles in perfect form
You know the form will soon be torn
As footsteps ravage the gentle snow
It's original form will not be shown
Until again some snow will fall
It will build up to be so tall
Spinning in circles in it's dance sublime
Not one can say that "this snow is mine"
Beautiful and soft it may glide through the air
But you know that sometimes snow isn't fair
Waylaying some, or letting others go
Sometimes such beauty is a deathtrap so
Blinding some and freezing others
Snow does not care, it has no brothers
Yet it will fall in it's dance against time
It loves to float around in the air sublime
So simply it will fall, and build from the sky
For snow like us all does love to fly
We will all enjoy it while it is here
Shaping it, playing in it, in this time of year
May the simple snow bring gladness to our hearts
All lightness and joy to all other parts

Savior Divine

Oh Savior dear, oh Savior mine
I thank thee for your love divine
For your love has shown me the way
The way to see what things to say
So Savior dear I'll thank thee so
Your love causes mine to overflow
Savior divine, oh Savior dear
You've taught me to give without fear


This pain I feel deep inside
Can't you see it in my eyes?
My voice I mask so you can't hear
The pain I feel without you near

My eyes are wet with tears unshed
This pain inside it has not fled
From in my heart and in my mind
I somehow wish that I was not of time

So uncertain a life that time does make
But is my wish some big mistake?
My life askew from what I know
Everything is wrong-tell me it isn't so

What did I do to create such regrets
Such regrets I wish I could just forget
My life is wrong, this much I know
How to make it right is the question, though

Much of it stems from that one so bright
His love he gives holds me high in the night
But he is so far, so far away
But our love does not dim, no matter what others may say

But it is this love which hurts so much
It's sad to say but it's truth to touch
When he is so far away from me
It is sadness in my eyes you see

Though he is far, you'd never know
That his love and mine would hurt me so
I hide it well, you soon will see
These hidden hurts are inside of me.

But if you see within my eyes
A deeper hurt so great in size
You will now know my pain inside
Should you have read this poem I hide?

Out Of Place

Do you ever feel
Kind of out of place
No one understands
Why you’re all that way
Have you ever known
What’s inside of you?
It’s bursting through
It’s here for you

It’s in your life
It’s in your mind
It’s out of place
It’s right outside
It’s here for you
And now you’ll find
What’s been hiding
in your mind

Have you ever seen
Things that don’t make sense
When you wish for strength
Of heart and mind
And loving life
Two opposites
In life they’ll find

It’s in your life
It’s in your mind
It’s out of place
It’s right outside
It’s here for you
And now you’ll find
What’s been hiding
in your mind

Life is a path
that is found amidst
our answers to silent prayers
When we come together
And we understand
The part of our lives
That will never end.

It’s in your life
It’s in your mind
It’s out of place
It’s right outside
It’s here for you
And now you’ll find
What’s been hiding
in your mind

When you’re out of place
Living life
Fighting through
You will see
what you’ve gone through
You’re strength of mind
And heart
It’s you.

Another World

My heart is far from here
Maybe it's flown away
Away to that other world
Where life is easy, we play

Where life doesn't ever hurt
This is where my heart does go
It's in this world of poetry
My heart is safe from all that hurts us so

Each heart has traveled to their world
Where life's worries do float away
So when my life is hard or down
My heart and mind go to say

It is in my world so filled with love
That I do go, whenever I can
For I know, as you know, as we all know
That these worlds are an escape from man

When life is rough, when life is hard
I can just open up my book
A book to read, a book of poetry,
As soon as I stop and look

My world is calm, without a care
Unlike the cares of this world
And I hope we'll always know where to go
Just fly away with wings unfurled

On wings so light, let your heart fly
To the world inside your mind
For your world is safer than here-
You will start to find

So whenever you look, wherever you go
Remember your life is good
For your life has another life
Inside your mind, underneath the hood

So fly away whenever you can
When life, it seems unfair
For you will see, as I have seen
That this world is always there

You float away to a distant place
without going anywhere
So enjoy this world...
You will find it within your mind

Trusting Me

Sometimes I wonder
If I share too much
Too much of me
So far to touch

These pieces of me
So sacred and true
All special to me
And hard to appreciate for you

It's hard, I think
For all to understand
These pieces of me
They make up who I am

These special things
Shared so willingly
Will someday hurt
When I'm older and free

I fear that I
Someday will be
Hurt deep and hard
For my simple trust in everybody

Its true I trust
Everyone a lot
But is it wrong?
I dont know, it's not taught

Story Of My Life

What do you do
You live in the wrong place
Life's a mystery
Wearing the wrong face

Everything is wrong
Where everything is right
This oxymoron
It wants to fight

People here
So kind so gentle
People I love
They're all sentimental

That's me too
I love that way
But the guys are wrong
Even through all we say

They smile they wave
They love me too
But not in that way
I would wish they would

I try not to dwell
On my problems now
My friends they have
Problems they've found

So I try to help
I stretch myself thin
Not thinking of self
I want them to win

Then I think to myself,
Am I doing this right?
Am I giving enough of self?
Am I? Should I fight?

Should I give more or less?
Am i good enough?
No, not yet

I will give more,
I think, I'll try
But how do I know
If i've given enough this time?

Am I selfless or selfish?
For my life's whole goal
Is to be that person
Who is known to uphold

I will be that person
Who gives so much
That's why I am loved
That's truth to touch

I hope I'm there
When you need me
I'll always try
For I've been needy

I know what it's like
Feeling sad and down
I hope you'll trust me
And try me out

Please don't hesitate
To turn to me
Though I have problems
I will help, you'll see

How much I love
My friends and family
They all mean so much
And are dear to me

I don't deserve them
Yes I do
For as they have helped me
So will I try to help you

Oh how much I owe
The ones I love
Their beauty straight
From up above

They make me whole
And who I am
I just hope
That they can understand

Music In Our Lives

In the sea of all life
In the garden of what's right
Music fills each and every soul

In calamity or in calm
Everyone hears a song
Permeating everywhere they go

Song smiles on every hand
Of all those who can understand
The power of music in our lives

It can be heard everywhere
There is music in the air
When we go out and open our ears

A song is held in each heart
When one leaves, another cannot part
For song will ever live on inside of us

If we listen, we will hear
The gladness and spring, nothing to fear
For music is there in each and every heart

Even when it is quiet and dark
Music will never from us part
It will stay in our hearts and minds

Song, like sunshine, like spring
It will ever and always bring
Life to all our lives

Inside Me

Sometimes I feel like such a baby
When I cry at all the little things
When I sit out all the little hurts
They don't know how I feel deep inside

When my pain hurts the most
When it's all deep inside
They don't know how
All the little things
Hurt so much
With what's held inside

I've had a lot of the little hurts
That are better within a day
But sometimes the little hurts
Overwhelm me-I start to cry

When my pain hurts the most
When it's all deep inside
They don't know how
All the little things
Hurt so much
With what's held deep inside

When little hurts overwhelm me
Oh how oh how can I stand?
With my pain that I'm feeling
Seems there's no way for me to stand

When my pain hurts the most
When it's all deep inside
They don't know how
All the little things
Hurt so much
With what's held deep inside

And it's then oh it's then that I need you
And it's then that I turn to you
Cause with everything that I'm feeling
Seems there's nothing else I can do

When my pain hurts the most
When it's all deep inside
You don't know how
All the little things
Hurt so much
With everything I've held deep inside

Can You Hear Me Crying

Can you hear me crying
Can you hear me speak
Can you hear me cry for
Your voice in the deep

Can you hear me crying
My tears soft as petals
For I'm here crying
For your love

For your love...

I need your love,
I need you there
I need you helping
I need you to care

Can you hear me crying
My tears all alone
My tears at your welcome
My tears when you're gone

My tears when I want you
Want you to be near
When life overwhelms me
I want you here...

Your arms held around me
Comforting, warm
Your lips touch my face
And I know...
That you care...
That you care!

I need your love
Your friendship filled hand
Your love as a brother,
Your love as a friend
When I'm here crying
I want you there
You wipe away the tears
You've answered my prayer

So when I'm here crying
I know you care
When I'm here speaking
I know that you're there
That you will listen
To every word now
And I'm not alone
I'm never alone
I know...
For you're there

Cause you're there

Your arms held around me
Comforting, warm
Your lips touch my face
I know you care
Your arms pull me closer
Closer to you
And I know
I have your love
You're there for me

I pray that you'll be there
When I'm in need
I hold you closely
To heart and mind
I gladly welcome
You when you do call
I understand better

And I love...


Little devils swiftly creep
Searching in the night
They catch the floating dreams they see
My dream has come in sight

They play with me, with all they've found
Searching through all memories
My dream has become a nightmare
In everything they let me see

Here I see a friend's funeral
Though my friend isn't dead
How could it be that my friend had died?
There's nobody to take her stead

The next I see from faint memory
Confusion fills sublime
The devils within my head have fun
While I in my dreamworld cry

The confusion they love, it smothers
For my dream feels real to me
And when I awake, I expect to find
Heartache, sadness in all I see

Fantastical or fairytale
So will the devils choose
To play as they will with my mind
How can I say "I'm through!"?

They will not stop, nor listen to me
Even after I awake
For they'll be back in torment again
Whenever it seems I'm faint

Monday, October 17, 2011

If God Had A Facebook

Who can count the grains of sand
Lying on the beach?
Who can see the universe
And see the planets each

I know God knows me
I’m a grain of sand
On a tiny planet
I am just one hand

If God had a Facebook
I would be his friend
Facebook might just break
His friends would never end

God can see the universe
He knows us one and all
If he were on Facebook
My cares would come up small

Every day on Facebook
Drama holds the reins
There are those who comfort
Others know their pains

Fights may start on Facebook
Even in the home
Crying eyes and sometimes more
Thoughts that grow and roam

But with God on Facebook
Troubles may just cease
He would ever listen
He would give me peace

Even without Facebook
God is really there
If we simply turn to him
If we share a prayer

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Migraine in my head-away!
I want you to never stay
Ticking, chiming, endless clock
Hitting against a concrete block
Give me my mind, I pray

A tug of war inside my head
I really want to go to bed
No I don’t want this, no more!
You have made my head so sore!
My face is yelling red.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poetry Is

Poetry is flowing letters
An alphabet cereal pouring on the page
Following the milk before it
Sweet, not sour, in the words

Poetry is inquiry
A question answered, a problem solved
Crumpled pages of written wrong
Ending up with beautiful words

Poetry is a gift
A father teaching his son to love
And a baby's first steps, her parent's smiles
The Samaritan taking pity on a stranger

Poetry is a nature, a life
Slightly tilted for the view
See the sun, the ice bound trees
Giving way to spring at last

Poetry is a learning experience
When we think we know a truth
Arrayed in different shades of gray
We see a different side

Monday, October 3, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 8

Lehi dreamed another dream
A tree of life, the fruit does gleam
Lehi saw which sons would be saved
Laman and Lemuel remained depraved

An angel led Lehi through the dark
Lehi prayed, his faith the spark
"Mercy please, for I'm afraid
I will do as thou hast bade"

The angel led him to God's own fruit
A tree of life, with joy to pursuit
Lehi wanted his family to partake
He bade them come and not forsake

Laman and Lemuel refused to go
Though their family enjoyed it so
A rod of iron, a path appeared
It led to the tree, it was revered

A multitude was pressing on
And mists of darkness rose like smog
Some did pass this scary trial
Others were stuck, or left the aistle

A spacious building was the next task
Some who partook were ashamed, left with a mask
There were those who followed God's way
Others left, and mocked their stay

Some were drowned in rivers of sin
Others lost in darkness therein
When some heed the scornful words
They fell away in flocks and herds

Laman and Lemuel did cast away
Lehi feared that there they would stay
In sin to hearken not God's truth
Lehi exhorts, "change while in thy youth"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winds of Change

Flowing wind-
Currents go in all directions
No beginning
No end
Just wind.

People lost in fog
Items swirl
A tornado
Kaleidoscope of belongings
A pack rat
In the wind

Endless sea of current
Marking life
Points of interest
Gifts as passage
Trial and error

Empty and alone
No color
Moved by whim
No rules
Forever- an infinity
All across the world

Pebbles flying in the wind
Each a life
Broken shards of rock
Wind smooths the edges
Corners gone
Polished stones
Moving through the wind
Perfection in a pebble