Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Story Of My Life

What do you do
You live in the wrong place
Life's a mystery
Wearing the wrong face

Everything is wrong
Where everything is right
This oxymoron
It wants to fight

People here
So kind so gentle
People I love
They're all sentimental

That's me too
I love that way
But the guys are wrong
Even through all we say

They smile they wave
They love me too
But not in that way
I would wish they would

I try not to dwell
On my problems now
My friends they have
Problems they've found

So I try to help
I stretch myself thin
Not thinking of self
I want them to win

Then I think to myself,
Am I doing this right?
Am I giving enough of self?
Am I? Should I fight?

Should I give more or less?
Am i good enough?
No, not yet

I will give more,
I think, I'll try
But how do I know
If i've given enough this time?

Am I selfless or selfish?
For my life's whole goal
Is to be that person
Who is known to uphold

I will be that person
Who gives so much
That's why I am loved
That's truth to touch

I hope I'm there
When you need me
I'll always try
For I've been needy

I know what it's like
Feeling sad and down
I hope you'll trust me
And try me out

Please don't hesitate
To turn to me
Though I have problems
I will help, you'll see

How much I love
My friends and family
They all mean so much
And are dear to me

I don't deserve them
Yes I do
For as they have helped me
So will I try to help you

Oh how much I owe
The ones I love
Their beauty straight
From up above

They make me whole
And who I am
I just hope
That they can understand

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