Wednesday, December 5, 2012


You know
when you see
a perfect photograph
The contrast
Your skin

Your makeup
The eyes
All of the color
Makes you

You see that picture
With envy
And longing
To be the person

And the realization
Is sad
When you see
The perfect person

That’s you
The person you want to be

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sometimes The Heart Is Cruel

Sometimes the heart is cruel
Falling into love at the drop of a hat
And breaking
Just as quickly.
Yearning after that someone
That hurt it once before
But you forgave

Sometimes the heart is cruel,
Ignoring the mind’s plea for mercy
And going on,
Only to get hurt once more,
Knowing no fear,
But that of being

Sometimes the heart is cruel,
Pleading with the mind
For someone- anyone!
To take away
The unbearable loneliness.
To find the one
That will be there

Credit to Holly Black

Just Look

Expressions as fleeting
As a freak thunderstorm
Fly across my face
While I savor them

Not given to judgment,
Or instant dislike,
But she
Just rubs me
The wrong

A constant irritant,
Prone to
Making my poor

Anger flares,
A strange feeling,
But soon gone,
Leaving me empty,

Only to be reminded
Of the pain left behind
The next day
When it happens
And again.

The only thing I ask
Is a
Why can’t she

Credit to Holly Black

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fish Out Of Water

A fish in air
Cannot breathe
The same is said
For me

My air is love
I breathe in hugs
To speak I give
But what am I to do
When deprived?

What is the answer?
Sugar and sweet
Help me forget
The need to breathe
For a moment or two

When I am sad,
I suffocate
The air-it isn't

It feels as though
I am drowning
Where I am not a fish
The sea is full of color
I cannot appreciate

The color all around me
Is like the air I breathe
It exists, but I cannot tell
To open my eyes
I burn my lungs

So even though
The air is there
I suffocate
Like a fish
Out of water

The Many Kinds of Super

Everyone loves the super hero.
The one who saves the day?
Beyond human powers
To look up to

Every power
Takes time

I wish I were super
To be a knight
Polished, shining armor
Or a hero
Even with the spangles
And the underwear

The thing about heroes
They have challenges too
But on a different level-
Anything is possible

I wish to save myself
Human qualities
In great quantities
Are super

Or physical
Each takes work
And perseverance
For strength

If I get muscles
Or powers
What might I do?
The choice would be
For me or for you?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When building a house
Or planting a tree
You start with little things
One corner stone
One little seed

There is a magic
Of the Earth
That allows a seed
The size of a speck of dust
To become a tree
With roots
As large as
Giant’s legs
They are dug into the ground

A corner stone
A very large piece
Is merely one step
To a marvelous work
And a wonder

Roots and stones
Do not often mix
But they each are

In order to live
And to be happy
One must live upright
Not crumpled in
Or falling over

The start of growth
Is a seed of small size
But this seed becomes
As we become
Something greater
A marvel,
And a wonder

We must be founded
In good earth
In level places
Where we can stand
And never fall


The Earth starts life out small
A seed can grow to be a tree
That tree takes years to grow
And in the end, it will stand tall

Such a miracle is a seed
It starts so small
But when it is founded
In good, healthy surroundings
There is a chance for so much more

Roots on trees grow so large
They are the size of giant legs
Healthy roots are the survival
Of the tree

People are like trees in their needs
They start out small
But in order to grow
They must have roots

Family is one root
Another is a friend
Consistency, familiarity
These keep us safe

Once we leave the nest
We must uproot ourselves
And still find our happiness
So we must create new roots

Time and care are necessary
A sense of security
To keep us thriving
And standing upright

There is pain in life
And growing new roots
Taking the time for ourselves
Letting mistakes happen
And learning all the way

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Radar Heart

Radar readings are normal
Nothing new to see
Droning lines
But then-
A reading.

Is it a sign of life?
Someone in the stars?
Wait for more
We will see
If it means anything

Avid staring eyes
Blue and brown and green
All are hoping
Life has been found
There can be joy

The one and only question
Is this reading true?
Is there hope
Or is there just a blip?

Am I just a blip
On your fancy tech?
An aberration
A miracle
The question is
Am I a blip?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Word That Changed The World

There was a word
That children invented
They didn’t quite realize
The magnitude
Of what they had created

The word became a feeling
And that feeling spread
All across the world
Through the minds and hearts
Of children

You may have heard this word
It involves hula hoops
And hopscotch
Little girls with dolls
Playing house

Toy soldiers strewn across a bed
And pretending to be a cat
Or a dog
Even a cheetah
With the spots
And makeup
To prove it

This word is oft forgotten
When children grow
To being adults
With the serious things
And stresses
That adults worry about

Being grown up isn’t quite the same
Without that one word
That makes children’s eyes glow
Grown ups who forget
How to be children
Often forget this one

And the word is

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I keep on bleeding junk
The kind that has no name
Bleeding red as blood
So many things
Too many

Little things make it worse
Not writing
Not doing
All these “not”
Like knots in hair
That never come out
No matter how hard
You pull

It’s like the word “hate”
For me it doesn’t mean
It usually means
Strong dislike
Lately I hate everything
I even hate music-
My one true and lasting love
The thing that gets me through everything.

People would ask
Hey how are you?
My answer changed
For a time I was
Exclamation point and all
Then I was
Simply “bleh”
Now I’m
A lot

I can’t decide what I am
It hurts so much
As I writhe in pools of pain
I keep trying to avoid more pain
The despair is endless

I want to be

Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Shoes-Don't Fall!

I like to watch clowns walk
Their feet stick out
And every other second,
I think they are going to fall
And if they do
I laugh
So much

Then when I see
Zumiez skater shoes
I think of skaters
Doing amazing tricks
And then the fakers
The ones who like what the skaters do-
They try to show up
The masters
And they fall

Elf shoes
Curled up at the ends
With a little bell
That jingles
I giggle to hear it

Have you ever seen
They have just put on their shoes
And their feet
Are now ten times
What a mess!

Tall stick-shoes
I don’t know the name
But I’m sure you know
What they are
The ones in parades
To make men taller
It takes great balance
And practice
But all I do is laugh
Because the image
Is worth the laughs

High heeled tiny shoes
For tiny people
Short girls with skinny legs
And hair down to their ankles
Playing dress up
In high, high heels
Make me smile
It’s like short-woman-syndrome

Then there are those girls-
Girls pretending to be women
With the strut
They think it looks sexy
But it ends up with
Tripping over her own feet
Why so hilarious?

Take a Step in Any Direction

I see a shadow moving
Pivoting, deciding
Short in one second
Then long
Everywhere in between

The shadow never decides
His owner never really moves
In the unusual occasion that he moves
He changes his mind
mid step

Two steps forward
Another step back
Every step changes
The destination is different

The shadow is always growing
Learning to take one step
But even when he takes a step
The direction
Is always moving

On a compass wheel
The shadow starts with going north
But his goal
Is changing
As the shadow grows
East by southeast
North by northwest

I get impatient with the shadow
Just move
Choose, and keep with it
I can’t interpret
What his movement means

He is growing
I am watching
Hoping his next step
Is directed to me