Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Shoes-Don't Fall!

I like to watch clowns walk
Their feet stick out
And every other second,
I think they are going to fall
And if they do
I laugh
So much

Then when I see
Zumiez skater shoes
I think of skaters
Doing amazing tricks
And then the fakers
The ones who like what the skaters do-
They try to show up
The masters
And they fall

Elf shoes
Curled up at the ends
With a little bell
That jingles
I giggle to hear it

Have you ever seen
They have just put on their shoes
And their feet
Are now ten times
What a mess!

Tall stick-shoes
I don’t know the name
But I’m sure you know
What they are
The ones in parades
To make men taller
It takes great balance
And practice
But all I do is laugh
Because the image
Is worth the laughs

High heeled tiny shoes
For tiny people
Short girls with skinny legs
And hair down to their ankles
Playing dress up
In high, high heels
Make me smile
It’s like short-woman-syndrome

Then there are those girls-
Girls pretending to be women
With the strut
They think it looks sexy
But it ends up with
Tripping over her own feet
Why so hilarious?

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