Friday, December 17, 2010

More Than Just A Box

I'm not a perfect little box
The way that people organize
I'm more than just the basic locks
Blonde, brunette, whatever guise

I'm more than klutzy, more than fun
I'm not just smart and good two shoes
They think I'm good, they call me "hun"
A pretty smile, no bubbly snooze

I have to be all glad and good
So others worry naught for me
If I will stay as others would
I'll stay as others let me be

There's more to me than just a smile
And more than just a friendly wave
Yes, I am human, all the while
Yet I do try to just "behave"

I want to be someone that's new
I need to find just who I am
To learn when "I myself" is true
I must find me within this jam

For I am not a perfect box
And I am more than what I seem
So even if I'm tossed to rocks
I will fulfill my deeper dream

A/N This is just my first...attempt at writing on this subject. I think I'm going to write a few more on this topic, with different titles, styles, et cetera...but I would like to hear your opinions on this one too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dancing in the Snow

See a dance within the snow
Footsteps, imprints, melting go
Stretch your arms and reach out high
Hands outstretched to touch the sky

Follow steps without a beat
Whirling snow makes it complete
Though the snow may give you chills
Bundle up and feel the thrills

Up and down you see it fly
And you see the wind go by
Whirling, twirling, tricks on stage
See the glorious rampage

Snow is showy, snow is white
Dance with it both day and night
If you learn the dance of snow
Dancing through all life, you'll know.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Am.....

I am everything and anything
I am a part of all of life
I am nature working forward
I am full of new beginnings
I am all untapped potential
I am growth of the unknowing
I am life that waits for learning
I am waiting for a body
I am hoping for a family
I am grateful for some loving
I am yearning for my parents
I am a child within my mom

Christmas Spirit

As soon as snow is falling down
As soon as Autumn starts to frown
You'll hear the music start to play
Let us prepare for Christmas Day

You'll hear jingles wherever you go
The radio will talk of snow
You'll hear the wind begin to sigh
And know of Christmas coming by

The green and red are all around
And Christmas jingles singing sound
You see the countdown day by day
Yes, know Christmas is on the way

The caroling and giving time
The season of the heartfelt rhyme
The Christmas story loud and clear
We hear of Jesus every year

Thursday, December 2, 2010


There is no end to the love I give
For I give love that all may live
For I am one who will not care
If skin is dark or colors fair
My view won't change for young or old
I love them all, and I've been told
I hear their good, and all their bad
I've been with them when life was sad
And yet I care and love them all
I've helped them up when they would fall
If they would only trust in me
I'd take their burdens, set them free

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Milk Is Beating Through My Veins Like A Fish Skin Drum

Milk is beating through my veins
Chocolate filled with oxygen
Then just milk which feels no pain
Bubbles popping now and then

Milk is rushing through my head
Beating rhythm I can feel
Milk is white without much red
Christmas spirit feels more real

Milk is mixed with blood in me
Colors stark are beating fast
I feel different, you may see-
A fish skin drum is beating past

So much life exists in one
When that life exists by milk
Calcium sustaining fun
Energy as smooth as silk

Scars on the Heart

When those beloved have left
I feel myself bereft
Sadness looming on
As I wait for dawn
How long is good to wait?
Maybe it is by fate
To seperates us now
New path to take somehow
But still I'm feeling sad
For he had made me glad
With him I'd like to sing
Of joy, of everything
But now I feel a scar
My heart it seems to mar
For he has gone away
And I can only pray
That all will turn out right
For me and him tonight
And though there is a scar
I know where several are
Yet time will ever play
A song to end the day
Though tears will fall from eyes
It comes as no surprise
To know that he was loved
By us, by those above