Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emotional Muscles

I'm not a person
with super strength
to solve people's problems
and save their lives
ignoring what is wrong with me

I'm ordinary
I listen when you're sad
Hugs are my specialty
it's how I work to fix the wrongs
I question sometimes
but there will always be me to listen

Listening is all I can do, most times
I flit around on hummingbirds wings
until I am needed
and then I stop
I sit down
and I will always listen

Still I wish I had superstrength
to help my people
never sharing my issues
because I am not a burden to others
I just want to listen
and never share my problems
but I am not strong like that
My emotional muscles can only bear so much

my troubles come up small
in the face of others

When I hear men cry
I cry too
because it is unusual for men to cry
but also because I care
so if they cry
there must be great reason

If my stoic friend is sad
a relationship has broken
a death
just plain stress
being sick
tired of it all
I will cry with them.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daughter of a King

I am like a snowflake
A perfect different frozen piece
One of many on the earth
Yet I have an innate worth

I am like a crystal
Changing as you view me
Always individual
In my way I'm beautiful

I am like myself
I am truly me
Difference makes me unique
I am full of hope yet meek

I am a daughter of my God
All my life I will shout praise
God has hopes and cares for me
This I know-I'm here to be.

Praising God

Snow is falling down
Painting the whole world white
The cold is pushing in my room
I hide under the covers
I don’t want to be cold
I already feel sick
My body refused to sleep
Inside my head is a thunderstorm

The night before had ended late
A friend advised me it was okay to ask
A blessing would help your plight
I did not want to ask for help
The cold is rushing through me
Stark in contrast to the blissful snow

I did end up asking for help
I knew that God cared about me
Maybe a blessing would not be bad
So I asked, and help did fly
Before my blessed friends arrived
I prayed to God I’d understand
That what He’d say would heal my hurt

I took a shower, changed my clothes
And I waited, talked to God
I told God what made me sad
Every word he understood
Though I waited, I felt good
I knew it was for the best

My Daddy called me, talked to me
Telling me what I could do
If I would take care of me
My problems wouldn’t be so big
I trusted in my Dad
And also in my Lord
I knew they both were right

Then my blessing-givers came
Dressed in suits and ties
We said a prayer, kneeling down
I don’t remember what was said
Then my blessing finally came
Priesthood power paved the way
The words they spoke I won’t forget
I hadn’t told them why I was sad
Why I needed comfort now
But God told me that I could trust
My teachers had important words
This is the place for me to be
My studies must come first, he said
Through my friend who came to me

When they left, I sat and cried
All the cold had left my heart
I could feel God’s love for me
Warmth inspired all my soul
I believed in God that day

Now I know for surety
When I speak to God out there
He can hear my every word
Even in a silent prayer
And he cares so much for me
I’m an ant among the world
Yet I’m special, that I know-
I know God will always care

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I dislike labels
Shut me up inside a box
I will cry freedom

I am not an item to classify
I have worth in ways you’ll see

Have you ever seen
A crystal’s bright, clear shimmer?
Each facet differs

Brilliant are the rainbows
We see them through such colors

Life is always new
Labels do not always fit
Some good, others bad

If everything fit labels
Then what makes me unique?

What makes a rainbow?
I am a broader spectrum
My light is endless

Every rainbow is a different thing
Even though the colors are the same

Take the time to see
All the many different facets
I have such facets

Parts of me are different
Never fitting labels.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everyday Angels

There is an old lady crossing the street
Every single step is labored for her
Trembling wobbling steps mark her path
An angel stops to help her cross

A person struggles to solve his math
He is drowning under numbers
One more stress to bring him down
An angel listens to all his needs

Now a student out of luck
All her money gone to rent
Now she needs to eat to live
An angel buys her food as a gift

Hear a crying person in the hall
Hiding so no one will see
The one she loved rejected her
An angel hugs her, makes her laugh

There are angels every day
Mortal angels, bringing hope
Cleaning out our troubled hearts
Can I be an angel too?

Monday, November 7, 2011

What Do We Know?

You told me to write an original
Something that no one else thought
A world seen through a wall of glass
Sprinkled with shining images
Give me something absolutely new
Make me understand and know

Everything you think you know
Put it together for an original
Make connections to make it new
I want to see a single thought
Show me through these images
I must know with clarity like glass

Is there a world beyond that glass?
Is it better not to know?
If I only see small images
Maybe that world will stay original
Is it added upon by thought?
I hope it always stays this new.

As the river always is new
Even though it’s clear as glass
It is like a bending thought
The contents change what I know
Even when uttered, original
Thoughts expressed in images

Looking at these images
I see the world and it seems new
The world is a river, original
Even when it is as clear as glass
There is always something new to know
More than I had ever thought

I like that there is always thought
So we can add the images
If I knew all there was to know
The world would stop being so new
All of a sudden clearer than glass
Nothing would be original

With thought and change to make things new
What we know beyond straight glass
Images never cease to be original

Mortal Angels

Mortal angels
Take away the pretty wings
Yet angels still

Different names come out each day
For angels

Gifted with unearthly power
No they don't fly
Yet their faith brings power

Mortal angels
Cleaning out our hearts
Taping us together
In our hearts and out
Mortal angels with immortal power

Simply angels
Gifted with love
Expanded by faith
Blessed with trust
Created by God
Working their hands
Moulding our souls
Lighting up the night.

Are we angels?
Can I be an angel?
I have no wings
No superpower
Can I be an angel?
Yes, I think I can.