Sunday, November 20, 2011

Praising God

Snow is falling down
Painting the whole world white
The cold is pushing in my room
I hide under the covers
I don’t want to be cold
I already feel sick
My body refused to sleep
Inside my head is a thunderstorm

The night before had ended late
A friend advised me it was okay to ask
A blessing would help your plight
I did not want to ask for help
The cold is rushing through me
Stark in contrast to the blissful snow

I did end up asking for help
I knew that God cared about me
Maybe a blessing would not be bad
So I asked, and help did fly
Before my blessed friends arrived
I prayed to God I’d understand
That what He’d say would heal my hurt

I took a shower, changed my clothes
And I waited, talked to God
I told God what made me sad
Every word he understood
Though I waited, I felt good
I knew it was for the best

My Daddy called me, talked to me
Telling me what I could do
If I would take care of me
My problems wouldn’t be so big
I trusted in my Dad
And also in my Lord
I knew they both were right

Then my blessing-givers came
Dressed in suits and ties
We said a prayer, kneeling down
I don’t remember what was said
Then my blessing finally came
Priesthood power paved the way
The words they spoke I won’t forget
I hadn’t told them why I was sad
Why I needed comfort now
But God told me that I could trust
My teachers had important words
This is the place for me to be
My studies must come first, he said
Through my friend who came to me

When they left, I sat and cried
All the cold had left my heart
I could feel God’s love for me
Warmth inspired all my soul
I believed in God that day

Now I know for surety
When I speak to God out there
He can hear my every word
Even in a silent prayer
And he cares so much for me
I’m an ant among the world
Yet I’m special, that I know-
I know God will always care

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