Sunday, November 28, 2010

Judging Others

For a second, take a look in a stranger's life
Peek inside, think a thought, maybe you'll see strife
Judgements made for simple glance are often wrong we see
Maybe we should step once back and look at what's called "me"

Walk a day in other shoes, look at up and down
You may find that you can see a greater look around
Appreciate the little things, see the good in all
Realize that life is good, knowing, standing tall

If you can appreciate the good in everyone
You must know there was a change, and everyone has won
There is change when you have learned to look against the light
Seeing more than meets the eye, looking past the blight

"Judge ye not, lest ye be judged" is what the scriptures say
It is true that others see much more than we each may
Looking back at us, ourselves, we find we don't see much
When we look through other's eyes, we see what we can't touch

When we look to shadows cast, we see the truth of us
Making it seem "rational" we try to make no fuss
Yet honesty is ruling in and we must choose a way
Choose to look for brighter dawn, or face ourselves today

Background Story:
I was reading the book "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen when a phrase caught my eye. The main character stated something about how a person could take a minute, and look at someone's life. They wouldn't see the entire picture, they would only see a fragment. Thinking about this concept inspired me to write.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Arms enveloping, holding tight
Holding close within it's might
Warmth it spreads throughout your heart
Love so brave that won't depart

Returning often to feel once more
Love that makes your heart too soar
Appreciation, happiness
This love you've felt your life will bless

Arms around you, not moving away
Drawing you in, forcing your stay
But you don't mind, you're happy too
Your heart is glowing, and it's showing through

They squeeze real tight, your heart is healed
Now you can expand your loving yield
Just one hug, and it's power over you
Hey look at that-your heart just grew.

Background Story:
I am what some may term as a "hug addict." My friends are pretty awesome about this peculiar addiction, and they usually are pretty wonderful about it. I wrote this poem in thinking of just how a hug makes me feel. I always feel loved, and healed, when I get the right kind of hugs.


Silly and delicious
Somewhere in between
Fun and happy feeling
Not a spot of mean

Tasty little feeling
With a little joke
Good and gladsome feeling
Starting with a poke

When you feel this feeling
The sun will ever shine
For you know this feeling
Brings a happy line

When you give to others
Happy with a smile
You will feel this feeling
Giving all the while

Background Story:
As a challenge to myself, I asked on Facebook for titles to write poems to. This title was one of those given, and I feel that the poem turned out quite well.


As the days go by
I've seen it all before
But when I hear a cry
Someone is needing more

Somewhere something wrong
I feel it in my heart
Hurting far too long
I want to help some part

Peace I want to share
Listen-yes I will
I will show I care
Giving hearts to fill

Tell me all your pain
I will try to be
Someone for your gain
Who you need to see

If you need a word
Comfort for your care
Though you've never heard-
I am always there.

Background Story:
In English, we were all asked to write a journal entry about a lesson we learned as a child. I wrote about my first experience being a peacemaker. After I turned in my journal entry, I kept thinking about it, and I decided to write a poem on being a peacemaker.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No faster than the speed of light
Ordinary man you say
Yet he's more than just a man
A Superman in his own way

You could meet him on the street
Never knowing what he's done
You don't know what lives he's saved
Never know how far he'd run

Yet he's there no matter what
Caring for those loved and friend
Healing with his super power
Many lives he's helped to mend

He is super, strong and kind
Caring through a simple smile
Listening to hurts and wrongs
Being silly all the while

And for the ones you meet in life
Treat them kind, for they could be
Superman while in disguise
I know he's there, since he helped me

Background Story:
One of my very best friends calls himself Superman. I used to think of it as a joke, but now I understand it better. He's one of the very best people to go to for advice, and I feel the best after I get help from him. He's helped me so many times in my life. I was thinking about this today, and I just had to write about I did.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Child at Heart

Around the room we spin around
Life is fun, no problems found
Dance and play
Sing away
Enjoy the moment found

Singing silly everywhere
Song will ever fill the air
Dance and play
Sing away
Enjoy song while it's there

Dizzy heads will soon set in
The song has ended-who will win?
Dance and play
Sing away
It doesn't matter who will win

Silliness won't come to a close
This happy day, it also shows
Dance and play
Sing away
Happiness is love for those

Love for those within our lives
Those who are there at all our times
Dance and play
Sing away
Friends within all our rhymes

Friends all bring us happiness
We will always sing and bless
Dance and play
Sing away
Love, and nothing less

Laughing, joyful, they're with you
No matter what, you know they're true
Dance and play
Sing away
They'll dance and sing with you

Trust your friends, they are there
No matter what, you know they care
Dance and play
Sing away
Cheer you up, no scare

Laugh a little, live your life
Though you know there will be strife
Dance and play
Sing away
Fun is there for every life

Background Story:
I started writing this because I wanted to write about being a little kid. I absolutely enjoy being a little kid. Sometimes life is too hard to be mature. I love being a little kid sometimes. When writing this, however, I ended up appreciating friends throughout my life at the same time. Even when we can let our childish selves out, we can always trust our friends.

Individual Worth

I can do it all, I can achive
No matter what life throws at me
Hope thriving through dark society
Worldliness changes what we believe

Even so, I'll try very hard
To remember my values and my worth
Worth I've held ever since my birth
It shows how society's marred

People just don't seem to remember
The worth of a virtuous woman
Beloved, inside so fun
More precious than rubies in December

Each of us are individual
Don't hide behind a mask
Be glad, be ready to ask
Then your heart will surely be full

Background Story:
I was sitting in a lesson about remembering individual worth, especially in society, and remembering the importance of who we are even though the world expects us to strive to be ever skinnier, always "prettier", instead of just being ourselves. This inspired me to write this poem about being individual, virtuous, and knowing our worth.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Garden

Today we got together
Singing as we went
We visited Our Garden
To see how it has been

We hadn't visited Our Garden
For awhile it seems to me
And this we know is true
It has grown in many ways

The trellises and the roses
Blooming with perfect light
Their beauty unmatched
By anything on Earth

So we walked through our garden
Hand in hand and two by two
Boys and girls matched together
It's almost like the garden knew

Beauty all around us
And he said, "So are you-
You're as pretty as Our Garden
When it is in full bloom"

The perfect roses blooming
Elegant, soft as can be
They grow and bloom together
In perfect harmony

I blushed and smiled, my cheeks all red
Just like that blooming rose
He pulled me close into his arms,
said, "My dear I love you so."

He kissed my forehead, my blushes grew
Just as we came in sight
Of all the other couples there
Framed in shining light

The trellises tall had hid us
From the other's view
But now they too could see us
Now they like the butterflies knew

That love was found, that love was there
Unexpected as it may be
The butterflies had been flying around
It was all theirs to have first seen

I loved that day while in Our Garden
Where love was found, now known
That garden sweet now has a rose
Solitary, on it's own

This rose resides, happily within
A simple patch of dasies
It stands alone, planted there
At the end of all the mazes

This solitary rose, it stand
Proudly on it's own
Reminding all who meet it's gaze
That beauty stands alone

Every year this rose will bloom
Brightest one around
For this rose grows great and tall
Just like the love I've found

So thank you dear old garden
Thank you for knowing who
The who, the where, the when and why
It's almost as if you knew

For in the shadow of your trellis
True love you found for me
With a little help and direction
We were guided into thee

Background Story:
One of my first supporters when I started really writing poetry was my friend Emily. She read everything I wrote, as soon as she had time to read it. She judged everything I wrote and showed her, and told me exactly what she thought. It was exactly what I needed. At this time, I had been writing a lot of sappy, and rather awful poetry. You know, the stuff you hear about when someone talks about a person who thinks they are in love. The best friend always has to deal with the lovestruck fool and his or her awful poetry. Yeah, that was me. The lovestruck fool. So, Emily told me to stop it with the romancy, lovey-dovey stuff. I tried, really I did. But this is what I got. Still lovey-dovey, yet conveying a message. I'm glad I got to that point at least.

Boys in My Life

Still not knowing where to go
Stream of life with broken flow
Ebb and tide of what we say
While I think another way

Does he mean some things I think?
Or is it just to him a blink?
A spot in time of just some fun
A flirt, a laugh, from everyone.

And another, I know he means
He's exactly what he seems
Tickles, smiles, teases, all
With him I know I will not fall

Yet again there is someone
And once before his heart I've won
But he does live so far away
I cannot give my heart this way

And someone else I know I care
Yet I feel like it's not fair
For not for me he cares so much
He loves my friends-I cannot touch

And yet another, I think he may
Care for me some special way
But this young man I've never met!
I do not know what will come yet

Another guy is hard to get
He's somewhat mean from what I've met
But still I wonder what he may think
Yet wondering will make me sink

And still one more, he seems quite nice
He likes my smile, it does suffice
But it feels odd that I don't know
A thing of him-no face to show

This other guy is fun to tease
I've known him for such years of these
Yes, he's fun, a sweet friend, yes
Does he like me? I can only guess.

And finally, a guy I know,
I've met him some, he's nice, aglow
But though I think that he likes me
I do not feel the same as he

And all these guys confuse my mind
A mind I've oft been pressed to find
Yet all these make my thinking hard
These guys have made my mind so barred

Background Story:
I originally wrote this to try to put to paper my confusion over a couple of guys. I wasn't sure if they liked me or not, or what was up with them. I wasn't sure who I liked. So, in attempts to help my confusion, I wrote the beginning of what is now this poem. Then, as I was copying this poem over into a fresher notebook, as the original notebooks were getting worn and tired, I really got going on the guys in my life today. This is about a lot of guys. Yes, there are a lot of guys in my life right now. I just wish I could figure guys out.

Monday, November 8, 2010


A child's hand does grasp it's mother
As the mother cries and smiles
Her baby born at last through pain
Yet worth each pain is found her son

A mother's hand does lift her child
Just a step, but soon one more
The child walks, and father smiles
Proud of his dear baby boy

A friendly hand is offered soon
As the child grows up tall
He must find his place in life
With the friends he meets and makes

A simple hand that offers love
Gently give to needing ones
He can save them from their pain
Feed them, clothe them, heal the wrongs

A loving hand does hold a ring
A simple love that hopes for "yes"
When it comes, relief is shown
A kiss to seal them to each other

A giving hand is offered now
To the wife who bears a child
Soon a miracle of life
Continuing the path of growth

A serving hand is always there
Leading, guiding, all through life
Once discovered, never leave
Righteous living brings them joy

A wringled hand does clasp another
Age is seen through change of skin
But with love the young holds old
A simple joy is sprung from here

A wrinkled hand that clasps another
The other's hand is smooth and white
In the lifetime of the former
Service, love and joy were shared

A dying hand is full of joy
For he knows the Lord is near
Waiting to embrace at last
Beloved child, son of God

The Savior's hand is always here
For all those who reach back out
He has cared for all of us
Loving brother to us all

All of us area simple hands
Serving God with all our hearts
Charity, and faith in him
Help us to return back home

All through life we see God's hands
Miracles to combat wrongs
When we serve we give love back
God will share our love with care

Background Story:
As I was holding my older adopted Grandma's hand, I looked down, and saw my hand, a young, unmarked hand, holding a wrinkled, aged hand. I thought for awhile about the image of it, and after my adopted Grandma had left to help with the presentation being presented, I started writing. I started with the stanzas about wrinkled hands, then I thought about other hands we see in life. The poem just started flowing onto the paper. I looked at it, and decided the stanzas were in the wrong order, so I re wrote the poem in the correct order. Later on, as I was looking back at what I had written, I felt like adding a little more. The last three stanzas were an inspired add-on that I feel fit with the rest of the poem.