Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Garden

Today we got together
Singing as we went
We visited Our Garden
To see how it has been

We hadn't visited Our Garden
For awhile it seems to me
And this we know is true
It has grown in many ways

The trellises and the roses
Blooming with perfect light
Their beauty unmatched
By anything on Earth

So we walked through our garden
Hand in hand and two by two
Boys and girls matched together
It's almost like the garden knew

Beauty all around us
And he said, "So are you-
You're as pretty as Our Garden
When it is in full bloom"

The perfect roses blooming
Elegant, soft as can be
They grow and bloom together
In perfect harmony

I blushed and smiled, my cheeks all red
Just like that blooming rose
He pulled me close into his arms,
said, "My dear I love you so."

He kissed my forehead, my blushes grew
Just as we came in sight
Of all the other couples there
Framed in shining light

The trellises tall had hid us
From the other's view
But now they too could see us
Now they like the butterflies knew

That love was found, that love was there
Unexpected as it may be
The butterflies had been flying around
It was all theirs to have first seen

I loved that day while in Our Garden
Where love was found, now known
That garden sweet now has a rose
Solitary, on it's own

This rose resides, happily within
A simple patch of dasies
It stands alone, planted there
At the end of all the mazes

This solitary rose, it stand
Proudly on it's own
Reminding all who meet it's gaze
That beauty stands alone

Every year this rose will bloom
Brightest one around
For this rose grows great and tall
Just like the love I've found

So thank you dear old garden
Thank you for knowing who
The who, the where, the when and why
It's almost as if you knew

For in the shadow of your trellis
True love you found for me
With a little help and direction
We were guided into thee

Background Story:
One of my first supporters when I started really writing poetry was my friend Emily. She read everything I wrote, as soon as she had time to read it. She judged everything I wrote and showed her, and told me exactly what she thought. It was exactly what I needed. At this time, I had been writing a lot of sappy, and rather awful poetry. You know, the stuff you hear about when someone talks about a person who thinks they are in love. The best friend always has to deal with the lovestruck fool and his or her awful poetry. Yeah, that was me. The lovestruck fool. So, Emily told me to stop it with the romancy, lovey-dovey stuff. I tried, really I did. But this is what I got. Still lovey-dovey, yet conveying a message. I'm glad I got to that point at least.

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