Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boys in My Life

Still not knowing where to go
Stream of life with broken flow
Ebb and tide of what we say
While I think another way

Does he mean some things I think?
Or is it just to him a blink?
A spot in time of just some fun
A flirt, a laugh, from everyone.

And another, I know he means
He's exactly what he seems
Tickles, smiles, teases, all
With him I know I will not fall

Yet again there is someone
And once before his heart I've won
But he does live so far away
I cannot give my heart this way

And someone else I know I care
Yet I feel like it's not fair
For not for me he cares so much
He loves my friends-I cannot touch

And yet another, I think he may
Care for me some special way
But this young man I've never met!
I do not know what will come yet

Another guy is hard to get
He's somewhat mean from what I've met
But still I wonder what he may think
Yet wondering will make me sink

And still one more, he seems quite nice
He likes my smile, it does suffice
But it feels odd that I don't know
A thing of him-no face to show

This other guy is fun to tease
I've known him for such years of these
Yes, he's fun, a sweet friend, yes
Does he like me? I can only guess.

And finally, a guy I know,
I've met him some, he's nice, aglow
But though I think that he likes me
I do not feel the same as he

And all these guys confuse my mind
A mind I've oft been pressed to find
Yet all these make my thinking hard
These guys have made my mind so barred

Background Story:
I originally wrote this to try to put to paper my confusion over a couple of guys. I wasn't sure if they liked me or not, or what was up with them. I wasn't sure who I liked. So, in attempts to help my confusion, I wrote the beginning of what is now this poem. Then, as I was copying this poem over into a fresher notebook, as the original notebooks were getting worn and tired, I really got going on the guys in my life today. This is about a lot of guys. Yes, there are a lot of guys in my life right now. I just wish I could figure guys out.

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