Thursday, November 25, 2010


Arms enveloping, holding tight
Holding close within it's might
Warmth it spreads throughout your heart
Love so brave that won't depart

Returning often to feel once more
Love that makes your heart too soar
Appreciation, happiness
This love you've felt your life will bless

Arms around you, not moving away
Drawing you in, forcing your stay
But you don't mind, you're happy too
Your heart is glowing, and it's showing through

They squeeze real tight, your heart is healed
Now you can expand your loving yield
Just one hug, and it's power over you
Hey look at that-your heart just grew.

Background Story:
I am what some may term as a "hug addict." My friends are pretty awesome about this peculiar addiction, and they usually are pretty wonderful about it. I wrote this poem in thinking of just how a hug makes me feel. I always feel loved, and healed, when I get the right kind of hugs.

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