Monday, November 22, 2010

Individual Worth

I can do it all, I can achive
No matter what life throws at me
Hope thriving through dark society
Worldliness changes what we believe

Even so, I'll try very hard
To remember my values and my worth
Worth I've held ever since my birth
It shows how society's marred

People just don't seem to remember
The worth of a virtuous woman
Beloved, inside so fun
More precious than rubies in December

Each of us are individual
Don't hide behind a mask
Be glad, be ready to ask
Then your heart will surely be full

Background Story:
I was sitting in a lesson about remembering individual worth, especially in society, and remembering the importance of who we are even though the world expects us to strive to be ever skinnier, always "prettier", instead of just being ourselves. This inspired me to write this poem about being individual, virtuous, and knowing our worth.

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