Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No faster than the speed of light
Ordinary man you say
Yet he's more than just a man
A Superman in his own way

You could meet him on the street
Never knowing what he's done
You don't know what lives he's saved
Never know how far he'd run

Yet he's there no matter what
Caring for those loved and friend
Healing with his super power
Many lives he's helped to mend

He is super, strong and kind
Caring through a simple smile
Listening to hurts and wrongs
Being silly all the while

And for the ones you meet in life
Treat them kind, for they could be
Superman while in disguise
I know he's there, since he helped me

Background Story:
One of my very best friends calls himself Superman. I used to think of it as a joke, but now I understand it better. He's one of the very best people to go to for advice, and I feel the best after I get help from him. He's helped me so many times in my life. I was thinking about this today, and I just had to write about it...so I did.

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