Thursday, November 25, 2010


As the days go by
I've seen it all before
But when I hear a cry
Someone is needing more

Somewhere something wrong
I feel it in my heart
Hurting far too long
I want to help some part

Peace I want to share
Listen-yes I will
I will show I care
Giving hearts to fill

Tell me all your pain
I will try to be
Someone for your gain
Who you need to see

If you need a word
Comfort for your care
Though you've never heard-
I am always there.

Background Story:
In English, we were all asked to write a journal entry about a lesson we learned as a child. I wrote about my first experience being a peacemaker. After I turned in my journal entry, I kept thinking about it, and I decided to write a poem on being a peacemaker.

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