Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When building a house
Or planting a tree
You start with little things
One corner stone
One little seed

There is a magic
Of the Earth
That allows a seed
The size of a speck of dust
To become a tree
With roots
As large as
Giant’s legs
They are dug into the ground

A corner stone
A very large piece
Is merely one step
To a marvelous work
And a wonder

Roots and stones
Do not often mix
But they each are

In order to live
And to be happy
One must live upright
Not crumpled in
Or falling over

The start of growth
Is a seed of small size
But this seed becomes
As we become
Something greater
A marvel,
And a wonder

We must be founded
In good earth
In level places
Where we can stand
And never fall


The Earth starts life out small
A seed can grow to be a tree
That tree takes years to grow
And in the end, it will stand tall

Such a miracle is a seed
It starts so small
But when it is founded
In good, healthy surroundings
There is a chance for so much more

Roots on trees grow so large
They are the size of giant legs
Healthy roots are the survival
Of the tree

People are like trees in their needs
They start out small
But in order to grow
They must have roots

Family is one root
Another is a friend
Consistency, familiarity
These keep us safe

Once we leave the nest
We must uproot ourselves
And still find our happiness
So we must create new roots

Time and care are necessary
A sense of security
To keep us thriving
And standing upright

There is pain in life
And growing new roots
Taking the time for ourselves
Letting mistakes happen
And learning all the way