Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fish Out Of Water

A fish in air
Cannot breathe
The same is said
For me

My air is love
I breathe in hugs
To speak I give
But what am I to do
When deprived?

What is the answer?
Sugar and sweet
Help me forget
The need to breathe
For a moment or two

When I am sad,
I suffocate
The air-it isn't

It feels as though
I am drowning
Where I am not a fish
The sea is full of color
I cannot appreciate

The color all around me
Is like the air I breathe
It exists, but I cannot tell
To open my eyes
I burn my lungs

So even though
The air is there
I suffocate
Like a fish
Out of water

The Many Kinds of Super

Everyone loves the super hero.
The one who saves the day?
Beyond human powers
To look up to

Every power
Takes time

I wish I were super
To be a knight
Polished, shining armor
Or a hero
Even with the spangles
And the underwear

The thing about heroes
They have challenges too
But on a different level-
Anything is possible

I wish to save myself
Human qualities
In great quantities
Are super

Or physical
Each takes work
And perseverance
For strength

If I get muscles
Or powers
What might I do?
The choice would be
For me or for you?