Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Is There

He is there through all our life
He knows all our toil and strife
He bore pain beyond compare
Our burdens his to truly bear

Suffering he felt it too
All our pain he knew was true
He has borne our every pain
All of that was for our gain

A Try at Iambic Pentameter

If I could walk out of my life I would

I’m tired of the things I see I should

I should make it all okay as I can

But pouring in the rain I ran and ran

I wish for blindness so I could not see

The truth of life I wish would let me be

So sad it is that people have such pain

Their tears fall down just like the pouring rain

And people hurt each other with their words

Their speech is all too common like the birds

As birds scream insults through the very trees

Our insults would bring people to their knees

But pain holds not much of a place with me

My wish to people-take the time to see

Instead of taking time to make a fight

We should stop and look at making things right

Let out laughter when they would fight a smile

I’d be glad to see smiling all the while

Hearing this good would take my pain away

Saving my every tear for a rainy day

May we all look out for more than bad things?

When we see well we learn to fly with wings

Maybe the angels in our midst will fly

They have learned what it means to touch the sky

And I have grown so much from meeting you

I think I know who I am yes it’s true

Much thanks I have to give to you this time

For you have led me through this very rhyme

I gladly learn as learning comes my way

Today I did learn how to really pray

I took a chance and let in gratitude

Now I have changed my very attitude