Sunday, November 28, 2010

Judging Others

For a second, take a look in a stranger's life
Peek inside, think a thought, maybe you'll see strife
Judgements made for simple glance are often wrong we see
Maybe we should step once back and look at what's called "me"

Walk a day in other shoes, look at up and down
You may find that you can see a greater look around
Appreciate the little things, see the good in all
Realize that life is good, knowing, standing tall

If you can appreciate the good in everyone
You must know there was a change, and everyone has won
There is change when you have learned to look against the light
Seeing more than meets the eye, looking past the blight

"Judge ye not, lest ye be judged" is what the scriptures say
It is true that others see much more than we each may
Looking back at us, ourselves, we find we don't see much
When we look through other's eyes, we see what we can't touch

When we look to shadows cast, we see the truth of us
Making it seem "rational" we try to make no fuss
Yet honesty is ruling in and we must choose a way
Choose to look for brighter dawn, or face ourselves today

Background Story:
I was reading the book "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen when a phrase caught my eye. The main character stated something about how a person could take a minute, and look at someone's life. They wouldn't see the entire picture, they would only see a fragment. Thinking about this concept inspired me to write.

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