Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emotional Muscles

I'm not a person
with super strength
to solve people's problems
and save their lives
ignoring what is wrong with me

I'm ordinary
I listen when you're sad
Hugs are my specialty
it's how I work to fix the wrongs
I question sometimes
but there will always be me to listen

Listening is all I can do, most times
I flit around on hummingbirds wings
until I am needed
and then I stop
I sit down
and I will always listen

Still I wish I had superstrength
to help my people
never sharing my issues
because I am not a burden to others
I just want to listen
and never share my problems
but I am not strong like that
My emotional muscles can only bear so much

my troubles come up small
in the face of others

When I hear men cry
I cry too
because it is unusual for men to cry
but also because I care
so if they cry
there must be great reason

If my stoic friend is sad
a relationship has broken
a death
just plain stress
being sick
tired of it all
I will cry with them.

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