Monday, November 7, 2011

What Do We Know?

You told me to write an original
Something that no one else thought
A world seen through a wall of glass
Sprinkled with shining images
Give me something absolutely new
Make me understand and know

Everything you think you know
Put it together for an original
Make connections to make it new
I want to see a single thought
Show me through these images
I must know with clarity like glass

Is there a world beyond that glass?
Is it better not to know?
If I only see small images
Maybe that world will stay original
Is it added upon by thought?
I hope it always stays this new.

As the river always is new
Even though it’s clear as glass
It is like a bending thought
The contents change what I know
Even when uttered, original
Thoughts expressed in images

Looking at these images
I see the world and it seems new
The world is a river, original
Even when it is as clear as glass
There is always something new to know
More than I had ever thought

I like that there is always thought
So we can add the images
If I knew all there was to know
The world would stop being so new
All of a sudden clearer than glass
Nothing would be original

With thought and change to make things new
What we know beyond straight glass
Images never cease to be original

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