Thursday, December 1, 2011

Super Strengths

We all know the people
The ones with super strength
bearing the weight of worlds
on their shoulders

When they are sick
They get up
Miserable or not
They will move on
No matter what
These are the people I envy

Other people are strong
In other ways
They listen to every issue
as it is brought to them
they care
no matter how big their plate

I see those people who smile
And they make me smile
I know they have issues
But they smile still
When I see a smile, I want to smile too
Each smile I see brightens up my day

Little words of hope
Small sentences
with important connections
Emotional muscles
Flying turtles
Talking stop signs
These odd ideas
Mortal angels
Ordinary Supermen
I can see
and now I am better

There are people who share these strengths
I am not always one of them
Still I am learning
To gain my super strength

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