Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art of Smiling

Have you ever seen
a porcupine smile?
prickly they may be
but even they know how to

the art of smiling
takes up the whole face
I think of smiles
on grandfatherly faces
emphasizing the eyes crinkling
the upturned dimpled cheeks

it has been forgotten
how to smile
even sitting alone-
it is still an option

Seeing smiles makes me grin
No matter how my day goes
I see
And I follow

I am a smiley person.
Like the smiley faces
in emoticons
my face might wrinkle faster
but I don’t care
I know I’ll be happy

I love to see a smile
When other people grin
I know
It’s not a permanent thing
They know how to frown
They are human too
So am I

When I see eye wrinkles
I think of certain people
The ones who know
The art of smiling

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