Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love Me

She told me
To make you love me
Telling stories about myself
Getting a connection to you
Making you love me
For me
But I can’t

I think that people love me
They tell me all the time
“Lisa-I love you”
Usually it’s because they are laughing
I didn’t get an obvious joke
Two and a half seconds later
I got it
I’m like that, always

I have been told that I am nice
And I am
I am one of those people
the ones who pick up other people’s trash
I’ll feel bad for talking
When I say something
behind a back
That’s me

I’m one of the touchy feely people
I jump out of nowhere
And give you a hug
I am always hugging
I’ll see a person three times
Every time I see them
They get a hug
That’s me

You know the people who smile a lot?
Their faces permanently grin
You know what I mean
They just smile
In that way
With the half moon dimples
The mouth turned up at the ends
And the eyes
Crinkled at the edges
Those people
I’m one of them

But just because I’m nice
And because I know how to smile
I hug everyone
That doesn’t mean you should love me
If you want to love me
You should know me better than that
Cause hugs and smiles and niceness-
Everyone knows that about me
Love me for more.

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