Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another World

My heart is far from here
Maybe it's flown away
Away to that other world
Where life is easy, we play

Where life doesn't ever hurt
This is where my heart does go
It's in this world of poetry
My heart is safe from all that hurts us so

Each heart has traveled to their world
Where life's worries do float away
So when my life is hard or down
My heart and mind go to say

It is in my world so filled with love
That I do go, whenever I can
For I know, as you know, as we all know
That these worlds are an escape from man

When life is rough, when life is hard
I can just open up my book
A book to read, a book of poetry,
As soon as I stop and look

My world is calm, without a care
Unlike the cares of this world
And I hope we'll always know where to go
Just fly away with wings unfurled

On wings so light, let your heart fly
To the world inside your mind
For your world is safer than here-
You will start to find

So whenever you look, wherever you go
Remember your life is good
For your life has another life
Inside your mind, underneath the hood

So fly away whenever you can
When life, it seems unfair
For you will see, as I have seen
That this world is always there

You float away to a distant place
without going anywhere
So enjoy this world...
You will find it within your mind

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