Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scared of Cars

It's a replay inside my mind
Whenever I sit down to drive
Or even just sit in a car
It doesn't matter who you are

Who is driving, where we're going
It doesn't change, the replay not slowing
No matter who or where we are
We are still inside this car

Every curve or turn we make
I'm afraid to hit a snowbank
Just a little off the road
I'm tense and worried, for it has snowed

Snow and slush, such deadly things
Catch your car, pull it into the wings
Who will know what you could hit?
So easy to fall into this pit

Scared and nervous, wherever I go
If it's in a car, I wanna go slow
Don't put me behind the wheel
I am so nervous, I'd jump and squeal

Especially when I see a tree
It brings back every memory
I want to cry, I'm scared so bad
Just being in a car-isn't it sad?

The screams, the shouts, thoughts in my mind
I'm pleading, hoping that we don't die
Oh please oh please just let us stop
I'm feeling faint, ready to drop

Pain erupts, my chest, it hurts
I try not to cry but it doesn't work
I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused
I wish that life had some kind of pause

Everyone is worried-"are you okay?"
Obviously not, and it's back on replay
Tears do form, and I'm crying free
Won't that scene just let me be?

Every day hurting, always something new
My chest, side and my back-all hurting, it's true
Time goes by, but it all is still fresh
Weeks go by, but it all seems to mesh

It's been a month now since it all happened
Yet everything still hurts, though all of life does beckon
Emotionally and physically, pain to my core
I wish it didn't hurt, for I am very sore...

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