Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music In Our Lives

In the sea of all life
In the garden of what's right
Music fills each and every soul

In calamity or in calm
Everyone hears a song
Permeating everywhere they go

Song smiles on every hand
Of all those who can understand
The power of music in our lives

It can be heard everywhere
There is music in the air
When we go out and open our ears

A song is held in each heart
When one leaves, another cannot part
For song will ever live on inside of us

If we listen, we will hear
The gladness and spring, nothing to fear
For music is there in each and every heart

Even when it is quiet and dark
Music will never from us part
It will stay in our hearts and minds

Song, like sunshine, like spring
It will ever and always bring
Life to all our lives

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