Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This pain I feel deep inside
Can't you see it in my eyes?
My voice I mask so you can't hear
The pain I feel without you near

My eyes are wet with tears unshed
This pain inside it has not fled
From in my heart and in my mind
I somehow wish that I was not of time

So uncertain a life that time does make
But is my wish some big mistake?
My life askew from what I know
Everything is wrong-tell me it isn't so

What did I do to create such regrets
Such regrets I wish I could just forget
My life is wrong, this much I know
How to make it right is the question, though

Much of it stems from that one so bright
His love he gives holds me high in the night
But he is so far, so far away
But our love does not dim, no matter what others may say

But it is this love which hurts so much
It's sad to say but it's truth to touch
When he is so far away from me
It is sadness in my eyes you see

Though he is far, you'd never know
That his love and mine would hurt me so
I hide it well, you soon will see
These hidden hurts are inside of me.

But if you see within my eyes
A deeper hurt so great in size
You will now know my pain inside
Should you have read this poem I hide?

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