Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday Fling

Of Christmas we hear, of Christmas we sing
Every year, it's the holiday fling
We sing and we dance, we give all away
Just this time of year, everyone will pray

But why only now do we have love in our hearts?
Shouldn't we year round have a care for those parts
Where life isn't good, where it is poor and down
But no, not at all, only for Christmas we won't frown

We give and we laugh in that holiday way
Just this once, we want others to say
That we are the good, the merciful and kind
But is it really so if it is only at this time?

Giving spirit which does come to us at the end of each year
We remember all of those who live in such great fear
Those who are hungry, who live in complete need
We remember them only at this time of good deeds

Oh how I wish it wasn't always this way
People should remember to always ever pray
We should always give to those who are in need
Shouldn't we always be doing these good deeds?

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