Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Blowing, swirling, whirling fast
White and light it soon may pass
But while it is here, let us enjoy
The brightness of flurries, sing out "Oh joy!"
Floating not falling through the air
Their dance is beautiful-I stop and stare
I watch in wonder, awe and glory
To see this snow fall so slowly
As it settles in perfect form
You know the form will soon be torn
As footsteps ravage the gentle snow
It's original form will not be shown
Until again some snow will fall
It will build up to be so tall
Spinning in circles in it's dance sublime
Not one can say that "this snow is mine"
Beautiful and soft it may glide through the air
But you know that sometimes snow isn't fair
Waylaying some, or letting others go
Sometimes such beauty is a deathtrap so
Blinding some and freezing others
Snow does not care, it has no brothers
Yet it will fall in it's dance against time
It loves to float around in the air sublime
So simply it will fall, and build from the sky
For snow like us all does love to fly
We will all enjoy it while it is here
Shaping it, playing in it, in this time of year
May the simple snow bring gladness to our hearts
All lightness and joy to all other parts

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