Monday, October 3, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 8

Lehi dreamed another dream
A tree of life, the fruit does gleam
Lehi saw which sons would be saved
Laman and Lemuel remained depraved

An angel led Lehi through the dark
Lehi prayed, his faith the spark
"Mercy please, for I'm afraid
I will do as thou hast bade"

The angel led him to God's own fruit
A tree of life, with joy to pursuit
Lehi wanted his family to partake
He bade them come and not forsake

Laman and Lemuel refused to go
Though their family enjoyed it so
A rod of iron, a path appeared
It led to the tree, it was revered

A multitude was pressing on
And mists of darkness rose like smog
Some did pass this scary trial
Others were stuck, or left the aistle

A spacious building was the next task
Some who partook were ashamed, left with a mask
There were those who followed God's way
Others left, and mocked their stay

Some were drowned in rivers of sin
Others lost in darkness therein
When some heed the scornful words
They fell away in flocks and herds

Laman and Lemuel did cast away
Lehi feared that there they would stay
In sin to hearken not God's truth
Lehi exhorts, "change while in thy youth"

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