Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazy World of Today

Everyone is crazy
In the world of today
No one is normal
At least so they say

When will this mess
Ever become right?
Everyone is selfish
Always in a fight

Caring about no one
No one except themself
So how do we change it?
We are not as elves

In Christmas season
People sometimes change
But at every other time
Their ways are set and made

Won’t people ever listen?
Won’t people ever care?
When all the world is hurting
There is no one with a prayer

A prayer of hope a prayer of love
Its what should be in our hearts
But all for naught it is not so
There is none in all these parts

So love we want, love we give
Not in today’s society
So we hope for love to bring
Just a single one to thee

Let us try to somehow give
Peace and love on earth
It should be here, but while it isn’t
We will try to show our worth

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