Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Perfect Guy

He is sweet, kind and gentle
Loving always, and sentimental
Listening to everything you say
In that simple special way
He waits and listens when you cry
He will comfort and wipe your eyes
He listens close for your every word
And because of this you know he’s heard
He knows how to laugh and when it’s not right
He holds you close in day or night
When you are in need you know he is there
All your burdens he will try to bear
Doing everything you want to do
He knows how to make you happy too
Unselfish with all his life
He will help you at any time
No matter what he wants to help you
Just because it’s what he wants to do.
Love ever exists in his heart
Such a love we all want a part
So I am glad he is with me
He is my true love I now have seen

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