Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fred the Talking Sign

As I watch my friends with film
They dared me to do a silly thing
To go to a sign, to pick any one
Start talking and going like it was alive

I looked and I found a solitary sign
Red on the front, spray-painted over
I went with the rules, I knocked and I talked
I thought it was silly but I wanted friends

I started with questions, then said my own name
Gesturing madly to make up for the lack
Then a male voice said deep out of nowhere
Hi! My name is Fred.

I jumped and I screamed, to hear such a thing
I looked at my friends to see who it was
But they were all gone I guess they were scared
Who could it have been that had spoken to me?

The deep voice continued, it pleaded I stay
I looked for the person who had spoken to me
No one appeared, until then I saw
The spray-paint before was really a face!

I was so shocked I had not a word
But the sign said that he was a friend
He claimed to be lonely without any soul
No one around would talk so to him.

Warily sitting, I thought and I smiled
Maybe this could be fun if I try
I started to speak and I learned who Fred was
We soon were friends like the sign said

When I remembered that he was a sign
I stopped and thought of what I should do
No one believes in talking stop signs
Still I would like to keep being friends

I’ll return to my friend and open my mind
No matter what others may think of me
I’ll sit on the road and talk to my Fred
I have a friend to keep for awhile

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