Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trouble At Christmastime

It's supposed to be Christmastime!
But Christmas spirit has gone away
I wish it could have been with me
I wish it would actually stay

But people around me make it go
When I want love in my heart
They bite and gnash their teeth at me
They want me to be set apart

But Christmas spirit! Christmas spirit!
I wish you would not go
Please stay with me and ease my heart
Though troubles hurt me so

Such a fragile life I live in now
Balanced on thin glass
Oh wouldn't you oh Christmas spirit
Help this from me to pass?

While I hurt and while I weep
In this time of year
Oh Christmas spirit please remind me
My Savior is always near

So while my life feels wrong and dim
Please help me to see you still
I know that you will confort me
My heart you'll surely fill

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