Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales

I don’t believe in fairy tales
They just don’t
Come true for me

I’ve never believed in fairy tales
Or that wishes come true
They haven’t ever
Never ever
Come true for me

I wish I believed in fairy tales
With princes and dreams
That really do come true

I can’t believe in fairy tales
If I did
Where is that prince of my dreams?

That Handsome prince
On a shining white horse
Dressed in shining armor
Like they always say

But I have to face life
And bitter reality
I have to know
That it’s only a dream

You can see why I don’t believe in fairy tales
Where everything
Is happy-ever after

I wish I still believed
That there’s some prince
Waiting for me

Though I know….
There isn’t one there.

So now
I still wish I believed in those fairy tales
With hope shining through dark night
But now
I know there isn’t fairy tales
It’s just a dream
A dream for such as me
Who wishes and hopes
While trying not to believe…

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