Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Many Sides of Me

I see the world before me
And I wonder-do they see me?
Does anyone see all the pieces
All the pieces that make up me?

I watch the everyday workings
The ways of everyday life
I follow my own path
That is the same for every time

I walk slowly or quickly
Depending on the day
Sometimes I’m happy and cheerful
Sometimes sadness comes my way

I listen close for every word
I ignore the hateful sound
Every day a new day it seems
Every day a new life to be found

The people who see me, do they see me?
Do they see who I really am?
No one knows, not even I know
Who the true me is. Who can?

I search through mind and memory
To see if I can find me
Is it possible that in my eyes you see
A reflection of yourself to see?

No, it isn’t possible, that such as I
Could ever hope to be
Similar to anyone
In any day or mind you may see

Some days I’m a dork and a klutz
But others might not even know
They have only seen me calm and efficient
Confident as others pass or go

Other people know me as silly and blonde
No common sense to be found
While some few know that I am not-
I am smart inside and out

Poetic, descriptive, great with words
This is what some say
But I disagree-that’s not me
I’m still silly if I may

I flit around from subject to subject
Random as the stars
When you try to talk to me
I’m in outer space or on pause

Sometimes I love, truly love
Everyone in the world
Other days I hate them all
They hurt so much-I’m curled

Curled up in a ball, hiding away
Hoping nobody notices
No one will care, it’s not like I’m there
Even when I’m going to this

This extreme, this wonder, this everything
Can’t you see my eyes wide?
For I am gone, to another idea
A place where it doesn’t hurt inside

I’m gone away, most of the day
Someone may someday know
Do you? Or you? Or you or you?
To you have I really shown?

So who is me? Truly me?
No one truly knows
For there are many sides of me
Just waiting to someday be shown

I still don’t know all of me
There is so much of me to explore
So if you can tell me who is me
I’m grateful for what you’ve given and more

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