Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Little devils swiftly creep
Searching in the night
They catch the floating dreams they see
My dream has come in sight

They play with me, with all they've found
Searching through all memories
My dream has become a nightmare
In everything they let me see

Here I see a friend's funeral
Though my friend isn't dead
How could it be that my friend had died?
There's nobody to take her stead

The next I see from faint memory
Confusion fills sublime
The devils within my head have fun
While I in my dreamworld cry

The confusion they love, it smothers
For my dream feels real to me
And when I awake, I expect to find
Heartache, sadness in all I see

Fantastical or fairytale
So will the devils choose
To play as they will with my mind
How can I say "I'm through!"?

They will not stop, nor listen to me
Even after I awake
For they'll be back in torment again
Whenever it seems I'm faint

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