Monday, October 17, 2011

If God Had A Facebook

Who can count the grains of sand
Lying on the beach?
Who can see the universe
And see the planets each

I know God knows me
I’m a grain of sand
On a tiny planet
I am just one hand

If God had a Facebook
I would be his friend
Facebook might just break
His friends would never end

God can see the universe
He knows us one and all
If he were on Facebook
My cares would come up small

Every day on Facebook
Drama holds the reins
There are those who comfort
Others know their pains

Fights may start on Facebook
Even in the home
Crying eyes and sometimes more
Thoughts that grow and roam

But with God on Facebook
Troubles may just cease
He would ever listen
He would give me peace

Even without Facebook
God is really there
If we simply turn to him
If we share a prayer

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