Tuesday, October 18, 2011


What is this burning
Deep within my soul
I've felt it once
It's stronger than before

It's strongest now
It's burning free
What is this feeling?
What does it mean to me?

This feeling is sharpened
Intense, so fine
Hard to imagine
That this heart is mine

What has happened
To the girl I was?
She was someone special
Now she's brighter than the sun

What is happening
Deep within my soul
My heart is ready
To reach for it's goal

What is this feeling?
What does it mean to me?
It is so different
Why is my heart so free?

My heart is ready
It's pulsing fast
Ready for what?
You could ask

Someone special
He waits for you
For you to be ready
For you to be true

Is this what your heart
Is ready for now?
You don't know it
But you have found

That life is waiting
For that moment sweet
For you to be ready
For you two to meet

And when that meeting
Suddenly occurs
He is your one
Your heart is stirred

You will listen
So intently
For his heart's reaction
Is it steady or free?

His heart won't still
It's waited for you
And now that you're here
There's time to kill

His heart is full
And yours is too
You know he has
Waited to fill

His heart and mind
They match to you
Your heart is full
No time to kill

You look into his eyes...
And you know...
There's love in his eyes
There's love in his heart

Yours is the same...
Love overflows
Your heart and soul...
Your hearts are full...

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