Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Truly Seeing

Sometimes better seems to be
Outside looking in at me
Walk another person's life
See the hurt and see the strife

Somehow still impossible
Without choice, choose somehow
Though we can't see who we are
Someday soon we won't be far

Yet I wish that I could fly
Soaring high to touch the sky
To escape this world of now
Find another way somehow

Understanding comes to few
Though there's much for all to view
We must try at least for now
Learning stays with us somehow

Even after darkest night
We may turn to look for light
Sunrise shining, life is new!
We'll look back and see we grew

Even when we do not see
Views of others as they be
We can stand for who we are
Daughters, sons, beloved, ours

Background Story:
I started writing this poem on my phone, and left it there for about a year. It had no real ending, it didn't make sense the way it was written, and I didn't have the faintest idea what to do with it. However, one night I got off the phone with a friend, and just looked back at it. I read through what I had written, and it just seemed right to press on right then and there. The words seemed right the way they were written, as I started editing and writing on. I felt like there was so much potential to this poem after it was done. I don't know where to change it now, but I love that I was able to fix this into a complete poem.

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