Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Why don't people want to share
All their thoughts all clean and bare?
What they think of just one thing
When their thoughts could changes bring?

Why can't people share a thought?
It could be forever sought
Just opinion of one?
Single person, knowing none

We should share the things we think
Honesty might cause a blink
Different as it seems to be
We should share the things we see

Don't go talk behind a back
They'll find out and won't give slack
When they see or hear you say
Something mean-bad in a way

Gossip spreads like wildfire
Maybe we can stop the ire
If we speak our minds out loud
Just be brave among the crowd

Background Story:
Gossip is just one of those things that bothers me. It is something that I have found myself a participant of, and I always find myself regretting talking about someone without their knowledge. Often, I find myself telling that person, "Hey I was talking about you. Just so you know." and it becomes all good. It becomes funny, not hurtful, or spiteful. I feel more honest when I talk to people to their face, or tell them later that I said something about them, if I have found myself talking about them. Honesty is important to me.

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