Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Bearing another's burdens
Helping another's cares
Service no one sees
No one knows what's theirs

Burdens spread to all
Hand outstretched to you
No one lets you fall
You know the friendship's true

Every single day
Teamwork reigns supreme
Learning all the way
Trust becomes the theme

Who once had been a stranger
Has now become a friend
With them no fear of danger
We're there beyond the end

Background Story:
As a youth leader in my girl's camp, I went on a very long hike with the Fourth year campers. We were all traveling to our campsite, going on a non existent trail. We just kept going, and the hike seemed to last forever. Yet, as we were crossing the stream, getting up hills, scrabbling down hills, it soon became apparent that this hike was having an effect on the girls. We all began to follow the example of my fellow youth leader, Monica. She was helping people across the stream, keeping tree branches lifted so we didn't have to, and waiting at the hilly points to give a helping hand. She was a great example to me of unneccessary service. Yet, as I saw her doing these little charitable acts, I felt stronger. I felt like I could get through this tiring hike, and help too. So I did. I helped people across the stream too. I waited to make sure everyone was safe at the hills. I carried other people's things. I helped too. Soon, everyone was doing something for someone else, and it was purely inspiring to see my girls working together.

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