Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1 Nephi Chapter 7

God commands that they go back
This command was met without slack
For Ishmael's family, for new wives
This great blessing changed their lives

At their return they all were wed
In the wilderness, they tread
Having wives wasn't enough for them
Laman and Lemuel want Jerusalem

Nephi grieved that his brothers fought
They were blind, even when angels taught
God had given them a chance
Every time they turn from God's advance

Faith will bring the Spirit's voice
He has led and saved us, rejoice!
Nephi's brothers tied his hands
So Nephi prayed, "God help me break these bands!"

Ishmael's daughters plead with them
Brothers sorrow, forgiveness did stem
Nephi told them to repent
They thank God in their father's tent

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