Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Poem's Poetry

Poetry will make me fly on angel wings of peace
Giving me the strength to try a different kind of piece
When I read another work I find a newer place
Broadening my simple view to see all time and space

Some confusion lends me work to figure out in rhyme
When I feel that sense of need I feel that I have time
Looking out upon the world and something stops my eye
When I see a simple rock or bird is flying by

If an image seems to be more than what it is
I must look and think a lot of why it makes me quiz
When a poem wants to start, I must find the beat
If the poem wants to be, I must make it sweet

Starting with a whisper, then a single word
When the poem lives, I will know I'm heard
People live like poems, changing to be great
Once a little thing grows to have much weight

Poems much like people are complex to a t
Sometimes simple poems wish to only be
With the proper words the message will be born
Growing, understanding, till we all are worn

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