Monday, January 10, 2011

More Than Just A Box-Edited Version

I'm not a perfect little box
That some would organize
I'm more than fancy silver locks
Or ones you'd classify

More than klutzy, more than fun
I'm smart and shrewdly wise
Naive I'm not so quit your "hun"
Or face this smile's disguise

I'm forced to be Miss Goody good
So worry naught for me
A carbon copy piece of wood
Remaining til I'm free

There's more to me than just a smile
Or friendly fragile wave
Although I'm human all the while
I'll try to just "behave"

I yearn to be unique and new
Discover who I am
To learn when I myself is true
Help me through this jam

For I am not a perfect box
I'm more than what I seem
Though labeled with your typecast rocks
I will become my dream

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