Friday, June 11, 2010

Afraid of the Dark

Dark and oppressive in every way
Everyone is talking with nothing to say
Huddling close for warmth or for light
Both are hard to come by in such a dark night

Everywhere around us are shadows creeping around
They will ever be there when night is to be found
Startling shapes and scary images frighten everyone
This is what they feed on, and what they find as fun

Still they're looming nearer, and no one knows just why
Why they enjoy our fear and every little cry
Fear will ever be their call-unknown they ever be
For shadows still will hide themselves so none can truly see

Huddling still, and fearfully, we're clustered in a ball
Unknown shadows all around-that fear is still their call
Formless shapes of anything-what shadows truly are
They carry all the things we fear, and nothing is too far

So every little scary thought is theirs to simply command
They will drive the buckling knees to ground with just one hand
Fears as this do drive us there, gasping at the ground
Trying to somehow steady the fear that they have found

At my house, we had a power outage, and I could not see a thing. The power outage lasted beyond when I had finally fallen asleep. I am and have been since my early childhood afraid of the dark. This night was totally terrifying to me, because there was no light, anywhere. There were candles, of course, but their light was quite dim. I could not see much else besides the faint light of candles, and the dim light of my cell phone. I was reduced to tears as I was so terrified being in the dark, with no obvious light. Just before I went to sleep, I wrote this poem as a text on my cell phone, and immediately felt well enough to fall asleep.

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